The red hairy fruit is in season again – Rambutan

Rambutan is here! Just a couple of weeks ago, I opened a can of rambutan in syrup because I love the fruit and was waiting for it to be in season. I found some lovely rambutan from Tesco this morning. Though it is still a bit expensive at RM3.99 for a kilogramme, I bought some. Sometimes it can go as low as 50 sen per kilo when the fruits season is at its peak.


After durian, rambutan is my second most favourite local fruits. I do not care if I fall sick eating too much ang moh tan. It is worth it.


Remember : Never allow your young children to eat without first removing the seed. Even with my older children, I still remind them to hold the fruit in their hands and never pop the whole fruit into their mouth. Many people have choked on rambutan and some children even died from choking. Scary.

4 Replies to “The red hairy fruit is in season again – Rambutan”

  1. Durian is also creeping in….can see some in the market already. So, will you be serving us with lots of Durian dishes soon? ….can’t wait to read about them! 🙂

  2. I remember when I was young, despite elders telling us not to swallow the seeds, I did otherwise. I was hoping that I’ll sprout a rambutan tree on my head and I’ll be able to feast on rambutans for life.

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