No rice? No worries!

Actually, I feel a bit pissed because I just picked up from Malaysiakini the follow excerpt :

Thailand said Thursday it would provide 500,000 tonnes of rice to Malaysia in an emergency purchase as the latter’s national stockpile had enough supplies to last only 15 days.

paddy field balik pulau penang

Don’t you feel angry too? Such news will cause more people hoarding rice. This morning, my hubby already told me that the regular Thai fragrant rice we bought has increased by RM10. That is a 45% price increase. No doubt we know there is a rice shortage, it certainly does not meant that we are all going to be starved to death in a famine.

Talking about that, let’s pray that the victims of the cyclone in Myanmar will receive the help they need. Fast.

Paddy field in Balik Pulau

Can you believe that a country such as ours, which used to be covered with sprawling green paddy field can face a rice shortage? I say it is bad planning. And bad Governance. Development projects were carried out without proper planning. It was just built, built, built because there are money to be made there. So, all those paddy fields were wiped off. The above beautiful green sawah padi is from Balik Pulau, the only place in Penang which has a few acres of paddy fields left.


So, how do we counter this? Eat less rice. Rice makes you fat. Cook porridge. You just need half the quantity you normally use for rice to make porridge. Add some sweet potatoes for bulk.

Of course, I cook porridge today not because of rice shortage. I cook it because I figure out, one of these days I am going to need to prepare recipes using less rice. But I didn’t expect we would come to this situation this fast.

salted fish

Salted fish. This is not cheap salted fish but darn expensive ‘mui heong’ salted fish. I wonder if one day, we are going to eat these not as delicacies but as our staple because of rice shortage and fish shortage?

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    New Kid On The Blog

    (May 9, 2008 - 4:39 pm)

    Why do we need to import rice?? Malaysia aint an any small tiny island. We have lands, that could plant more padi field, right?? These lands were actually making local developers rich!!! A very good example is Bandar Perda, it used to be a nice padi field… it was so green, but now it has became a mixed development…. but how many of you actually see a 100% or 80% occupation rate down there?? None… I always feels sad about that.


    (May 10, 2008 - 1:31 am)

    I shall eat more pasta then 😀

    At least its still relatively cheap.. RM 3 for a box/packet.


    (May 11, 2008 - 7:47 pm)

    anonymous is living in a different world from me. every piece of kuih , bread, cake, noodle, hawker food etc have gone up in price so much that customers have dropped dramatically.

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