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On Mother’s Day, I didn’t wish to go anywhere for dinner because it seems so corny to join those bunches of people celebrating it. So, my sons said they want pizza from the only outlet they like – Pizza Hut Gurney. I hate pizza so I thought of eating something else first before I order and takeaway the pizza for them (who are at home).

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When we got there, I remember reading the review of Kenribbean in the papers a few days ago. So, we decided to check out the place. It is Mother’s Day and you know what? There is not a single patron at dinner time. So, I was a bit apprehensive because it is a sign that something is wrong. But if the papers write about it, I guess it cannot be that bad.


We were greeted by a friendly waiting staff who speaks Bahasa Malaysia. (not sure if the place is halal or serves no-pork but it is bar). We checked out the menu and the foods look decently priced with pastas around RM12, steaks around RM30 and fish dishes around RM16. Moreover, it was dusk and breezy. So, we went upstairs to enjoy the view, the breeze and test out the place.


My son ordered the spaghetti carbonara and it is served with a raw egg. I like that already because that’s how carbonara is supposed to be prepared. The dish and the pasta is very hot so the egg will cooked with the heat. Taste wise, not bad. Knowing how horrible the dairy products prices increased, I shall overlook the lack of cream in the dish.


My hubby ordered the fish, not sure of the name but it does have some nice balance taste of sourish and spicy gravy together with creamy sauce.

The huge mug of fresh orange is only RM6.50 (if I remember correctly) and is enough for two person. Their drinks are all rather cheap, costing only RM2.50 for a can of coke. I hate food outlets with overpriced drinks. That’s why I do not mind featuring Kenribbean.


I ordered the spareribs and you know what? The taste is almost as good as TGIF. I like the barbeque sauce. I think it is RM29.90.


The name is KenRibBean and is right smack at where the Gurney Drive hawkers are. It is sparsely decorated so you can forget about any cosy, romantic dinner. But it is a nice place to chill out with beer, while you sit at the balcony, watching the world goes by. Then again, Penang people probably prefer the hustle and bustle of the hawker centres. It is a pity that their business is slow. Food wise, it is not bad. Price is very reasonable and service staff is good.

Oh did I tell you that I surfed with my Sony Ericsson P1i phone before I decided to eat there? I checked it on my handphone before I walked in. It is good how we can find unbiased food reviews online and make our decision. Of course, you need to have internet access from everywhere. I read the review from YummyBites.

With the drastic price increases, I think restaurants will find it hard to survive in the coming months. I wish KenRibBean success.

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5 thoughts on “Kenribbean – Gurney Drive


    (May 14, 2008 - 12:26 pm)

    hi lilian,

    you might want to try another place – the jemput cafe opposite Hotel 1926 to be exact before service road entrance. went there on sat and t place looks kind of cozy and they even have a run tree place where u can sit down – bersila kaki :)…didnt manage to try on their meals as i was kind of full – had their jemput2 ikan bilis and its nice – RM 4.50.


    New Kid On The Blog

    (May 14, 2008 - 12:59 pm)

    I didn’t there’s a place like that… thks for sharing… The ribs look good.


    (May 14, 2008 - 8:03 pm)

    Good one, I’ve been living in Gurney for so long and I never know that this restaurant. Can take my parents to go makan makan liao.

    CK Lam @what2see

    (May 15, 2008 - 4:09 pm)

    The spaghetti carbonara looks good… those that I have eaten before was never served with a raw egg. This is interesting.
    Will take my family to this place. Tks for sharing.

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