Food blog – Penang Tua Pui

I have not been able to update much because right now, my ‘speciality’ is to prepare meals and drinks for a cancer patient. So, most days I only prepare the regular dishes and I have very little mood to blog.

However, I found this wonderful food blog and wish to share with readers. I do not know the blog owner but I think they have three bloggers. Penang Tua Pui means Penang Fat Guy. I like the blog because they featured many of the hawker areas which I have not been too. I usually eat within a certain radius from home and do not go far. So, it is good to check out Penang Tua Pui and see which foods I have missed blogging here.

They have also include a road map on each post, making it easy for people to find the location. Nice job, Penang Tua Pui!

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