Homecooked meals are the way to counter increasing food prices

My hubby and I went to have breakfast this morning. Just the two of us spent RM28 on one plate of fish head fried beehon and a single portion of bak kut teh! Ouch! It is ridiculous to pay RM12 for a single portion of bak kut teh which contains only a few pieces of meat. No rice, no yau char kuay, no nothing.

The fried beehon meanwhile is enough to feed only one big eater and it costs RM12 too. Never again will I go to Gurney Drive for breakfast.

Anyway, I have to be home to prepare meals for a relative. Since I am already all sweaty in the kitchen, I have been cooking the family meals more often.


Dishes are nothing elaborate but simple dishes. I see so many people suffering in the hospitals and I guess their diet have a lot to do with their health too. So many have diabetes and their huge, blackened swollen foot are enough to warn me to eat healthily. Hahaha, food blogs aren’t suppose to contain gory stuffs like these but it is true.


Deep fried white pomfret which my kids love. The older ones will chew away the crispy tails and fins while I like the crispy heads. What’s left will be just the middle piece of bone.


Some potato, leek, tomato and carrot stew. Really easy to prepare and the gravy is delicous with white rice.


Spinach soup I made with yoke-chok (a kind of bark), red dates, ikan bilis and century eggs. Refreshing and easy to eat.

Start learning to cook now before the price of foods get ridiculously high. Learn from my blog. 🙂

4 Replies to “Homecooked meals are the way to counter increasing food prices”

  1. Wah! Penang BKT more expensive than down here. We just had BKT for 2 persons with 2 bowls of rice – RM22.50. And I thought that was expensive liao 😛

  2. once i took Mrs Bb to NZ cafe in gurney drive abt my 8 yrs ago. for a simple fish porridge they charged us Rm25.00 …i oways ask first now before i eat in Gurney drive. the spinach soup looks interesting but wat is yoke chok?

  3. Niamah! I had chicken (drumstick) rice the other day. RM7. I burned down the shop later that night.

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