I got my free Big Mac in 3 seconds!

Last night, my little boy and I were out grocery shopping when he remembered about the Ben10 toy given free with McDonald’s Happy Meal. So, he wanted to get a free Heatblast (or something like that) toy. That means, getting a Happy Meal of Chicken McNuggets for him and a chance to chant the Big Mac Chant.

Usually, it is my 3rd son who is extremely good with the Big Mac chant and we will drag him along for our free Big Macs. LOL. But since he didn’t join us last night, I thought to myself, “Oh what the heck, let’s do it!”

big mac

The McDonald’s Farlim branch even have a special corner for me to do the chant. Hahaha, such drama. I admit that I had done a lot of practice at home but I have never done it in front of so many people staring and a stopwatch tick-tocking away.

But I got it. A free Big Mac in 3 seconds.

big mac

Frankly, I went so fast, even if I skipped a cheese or pickles, the staff probably won’t even notice.

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LOL, so pathetic, I only have so little votes.