Must visit : Jemputree halal restaurant

I cannot remember who mentioned to me in some previous post about Jemputree. And I am so glad to visit Jemputree yesterday. In fact, my little boy loves the place so much, he was asking us to have dinner there as well. He wanted to bring brother #3 along as brother #3 was at the movie with his friends.


The attraction is not the foods but rather the uniqueness of dining in a tree house, on top of a huge tree. It is totally Malay style, whereby they have a small table on the floor and we sat cross-legged to eat. That’s why my little boy was so thrilled.


He insists we must go have lunch again today. *roll eyes* Well, for the foods, I am impressed that they have a really wide ranging menu. There are Western foods, Malay foods, some Chinese dishes and lots of cocktails and snacks.


We ordered the cucur ikan bilis which is only RM4.50. It is a huge basket of traditional Malay cucur served with Thai chilli sauce. It is really nice to munch on the cucur, while sipping mocktails on top of a tree.


It was drizzling when we were there so it was pretty cool and breezy. Being a Malay-owned restaurant, I opted for Malay dishes. I had this set meal for RM8.90 which comes with a bowl of chicken masak lemak. Nice, lemak and yet sourish curry. It includes a glass of iced lemon tea so the price is really reasonable.


My little boy enjoyed his fried rice very much. Overall, the food is not bad but not entirely out of this world. However, the place and service make this restaurant worth visiting. Eventhough it was lunch time and there is a big office crowd, foods were served promptly.


My other son had the beef stroganoff served with butter rice. I think it is about RM13.90 with generous amount of beef strips and lots of mushrooms.


Jemputree just changed their opening hours recently. It is opened on Tuesday to Saturday, from 11.30 am to midnight. Earlier, they are closed on some parts of the day. (sorry I didn’t note the time for Sunday)

Location : 64 Jalan Chow Thye which is off Burma Road. The place is diagonally across Hotel and Cafe 1926.

They have a website at and the telephone numbers I have on the card is :
Halim : 017-242 9177 and Mon : 012-474 4920

Go visit. I know you will like the place. It is like a little jungle in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. I am sure the place will be even more romantic and surreal at night because they have fairy lights hanging from the trees and everywhere.

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  1. such a nice and cozy environment outlet located right beside one of the busiest main road in Pg….unbelievable …it looks one kind from the outside but totally different from your photos.

    Thinking of paying a visit and have a night view of this place at your suggestion. Terima kasih 🙂

  2. hi lilian,

    i was the one who mentioned to you. glad u went and had a nice day there.


  3. Wow i can’t believe i actually miss this nice place out. Such a peaceful enclave so unlike its surroundings. Gonna go the next time i return.

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