Are you wasting less foods nowadays?

Since the price increase of rice, I have been extra careful with how much rice I cook everyday. Previously, if I have a little bit of leftovers, I will just keep them to make fried rice the next day. But sometimes, I forgot to put the leftover in the fridge and just throw those rice away without second thought if it starts to smell.

Nowadays, I make sure that I keep the extra portion (if any) the moment, the last person ate. With the hundred fold price increase, it becomes so sinful to throw rice away. When I was young, my mother cooked the rice in normal pot using charcoal fire. (gas and rice cooker were not ‘invented’ yet, yeah, I know I am ancient). So, every night, my mother would take the rice crust, nicely brown and fragrant and asked me if I want to eat the crust dipped in sugar.

Otherwise, she would soak the pot and take the soften rice crust and feed our dog, Ah Wong. Back then, money was not easy to come by so it is a frugal way of living. Today, I have gone back to the same frugal ways. Well, not entirely eating burnt rice stuck to the bottom of the pot. But I make sure that I don’t throw good rice away when I can keep them and make fried rice or add them to a new batch.

So, far, since the price increase, I have not buy rice yet because my last packet of 10kg Thai fragrant rice still has about 1/6 of a packet left. The rice used to cost only RM26 but it is now RM50. Ouch, such a pain, isn’t it?

With the impending price increase in petrol, I think we are going to see even more food prices increases. According to The Herald, our Catholic weekly newspaper, over 1 BILLION people in the world will face starvation which threaten their lives. Such gloomy news… I hope our country leaders have the wisdom to tackle the issue and stop being so focussed on developments that we do not need. Give us our daily bread (rice in our case) first.

LOL, who knows…one day all of us can only read back our old blog posts on foods and drool, dream and reminiscene of the good life we are having now. Pray that doesn’t happen, ever.

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3 thoughts on “Are you wasting less foods nowadays?


    (June 8, 2008 - 7:51 pm)

    Err..this seems to be very out of topic for this post, but I got a favor to ask 😛
    Dear 5xmom, could you please post(or maybe point to a site or 2?) recipes for an easy dish for a bachelor to cook? but yet suitable enough to get his friends to go ‘Wow’ & actually impress the gals? Basically something presentable, delicious yet easy to cook. It can be of any type(M’sian/non-Msian). Its a bit troublesome, but I do hope that with your experiences & expertise(who knows, your sons might need them not so near in the future too! :p) you could help this helpless guy whip out something. Thanx!


    (June 10, 2008 - 11:30 pm)

    hi! I hope you don’t need this too urgently cos I am off to Singapore and will be back next week. Off hand, I think you can check my tags under Jamie Oliver and try out some of his pies. I have made a few recipes that looks good and tastes good. Also look under pasta because it is easy and flexible.


    (June 16, 2008 - 2:39 pm)

    i’m careful w rice too. share this trick to prevent rice from sticking to the bottom of electric rice cooker. switch off the mains power of rice cooker approx 5 min prior to scoop out to eat. rice will come out easily and still hot.

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