I went to Singapore and all I ate…

Bwahaha…this is the most unproductive trip where foods are concerned. We were in Singapore from Thursday till Sunday, which is four full days. Yet, I didn’t manage to eat much because most of the days were filled with the wedding banquet, buffet lunches and etc.

I was in Katong, Serangoon and other older parts of Singapore and I saw many eating places. However, all the time, we were too busy to stop by and try. At other times, we were in the shopping mall and due to the intense shopping LOL, we never have the appetite to sit down and have meals. Usually, we just grabbed something on the go.

So, this is the day we ate McDonald’s because they have something that we do not get in Malaysia. Kungfu Panda McValue meals.


Green tea sundae. I just checked McDonald’s Malaysia and we are having Banana sauce sundae. So, yeah, I ate green tea sundae in Singapore, something I cannot get in Malaysia.


I haven’t watch Kungfu Panda so I am clueless why they serve spicy McNuggets with curry sauce. I thought pandas don’t eat chillies? McDonald’s Singapore has some garlic chilli sauce which I like. Wish I had pocketed a few sachets home. LOL. The sauces and the spicy nuggets are awfully spicy, it made my tongue burnt. Nice.


The onion rings that come with the meal. Together with a large coke (sundae not included), I think the meal costs SGD9.50. Ouch, I forget to convert and thought it is cheap. Singaporeans love the upsize word. So, I upsize everything. But too bad, there are no free refill in Singapore. Only McDonald’s Malaysia allow free refill of coke.

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  1. yeah yeah everything seems so cheap when you forget the convert. even their kfc is different from ours, they have something like drummets only. or is it macds?

  2. kyh – A&W has the onion rings. Or you can try buying those frozen ones from the supermarket. But the frozen ones are chopped oninons so it is not as nice.

    choonie – Yalor, no convert dem shiok. But pokkai lah.

    xin – We didn’t go to KFC but tried Burger King. Same stuffs but they do not have the fried mozarella sticks. I didn’t see a single donut shops. I missed it! Only Old Chang Kee.

  3. McDonalds did have the free refills for a while. I remembered the drink pumps were there for slightly over few weeks near my home. Then one day viola, it’s gone and they did a makeover. Not too sure why. Probably wreak havoc.. lol

    McDonalds ‘killed’ their Fried Chicken in the menu since the Bird Flu, which was so disappointing. I prefered it better than KFC.

    Sg foods are mostly ‘sweet’ based hawker foods, the way sg ppl like it. It took almost a decade to learnt to cultivate my tastebuds to acquire the taste. And the second decade to learn to appreciate it. But being a true blue penangite, i prefer savoury than sweet for food. Was back in penang few weeks ago for a massive food hunt cum vacation.

    Your blog makes me so homesick. I am looking high and low for the Mi ku bread recipe. Any idea?

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