Ubah gaya hidup – DIY mamak-ing

It is ridiculous how food prices escalate without reasoning. The price for chicken used to be a fixed one at RM5.90 per kilogram. Now, I heard it has increased to RM8 and our so-called minister in charge of the local market said we do not have enough poultry in Malaysia. Doh….a country like ours with vast lands do not have enough chicken, enough rice, enough basic food items? Now, he said we may need to import from Indonesia and Thailand. I say that is bad planning.
home cooked nasi kandar

With that drastic price increases, food stall owners too increase their cooked foods. So, let’s DIY at home. Today, I intentionally make a ‘theme’ meal of nasi kandar. Of course, my curry taste is far from the mamak curry but hey, it is much healthier, minus the oil and God knows what else they put inside.

But when you have hot, white rice, any curry tastes good.


I forget to purchase red chillies for the curry so it ended up yellowish as I only use a packet of curry powder with fresh onions, garlics, ginger and tumeric. I put dhal in the curry but unfortunately, the dhal totally mush up and leave a thick curry gravy. Still, the gravy tastes good. (you can get various easy to cook curry recipe on my previous posts)


What’s nasi kandar without the telor masin (salted duck egg, hardboiled) and the kobis which is stir fried cabbage with tumeric powder. To make the stir fried cabbage, I merely use garlic, some spices (poppy/mustard seeds will be good) and curry leaves. Flavour it with salt and you get an easy and quick stir fried vege.

The whole meal that feeds four persons with lots of left over chicken curry probably costs RM12 only. And that includes electricity, gas and rice.

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  1. The curry look so yummy and it cost only RM12!!
    I think I the price increase is too much! I have a plate of 2 veges, 1 tofu with 3 pcs of chicken (cut in small size) minus the rice in a mix-rice stall cost me RM7.00. So expensive!!

  2. OMG all that for RM7 is damn cheap la…Imagine 5 small ketul of japanese tofu and some vege (1 type) cost RM3.50 at Sg.Dua…Evil chap fan lady.

    RM12 can get so many things? 1 small chicken ady RM8+ ady wor…

  3. the egg yolk so pwetty!!! How long does it take to boil a 4 duck egg and not over boil it?

  4. Hey, me too, has been practise to cook on my own since 4 months ago. Not because of wanna save cost, but to eat more healthily. Nasi kandar’s curry taste good, but too much of rempah.

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