Ubah gaya hidup : KFC DIY (I hope I don’t get sued by KFC)

If you ask a bunch of kids what are their favourite foods, I can bet that these three items will be on the list. Fried chicken, pizza and burger. So, like all kids, my children love fried chicken. Getting them from Kentucky Fried Chicken is not a good option because it is expensive, the chicken pieces are shrinking and the taste is well…the same old KFC taste, or rather too flavourful.

Buying the fried chicken from stalls have its share of worries because the smaller stallholders are normally very stingy with the cooking oil and God knows how many times they have used the oil. Do you know that oil that has been overheated can turn carcinogenic? I.e. cancer causing?

So, what does a mom with four hungry kids do? DIY! I usually buy the chicken drumsticks from Tesco as it is still offering the cheapest price compared to wet market. One drumstick is normally around 80 sen to the most RM1.20 for bigger pieces.

Here’s how to get the chicken extra crispy and not clogged with oil. Remove the fried pieces for a while. Re heat the oil till you don’t hear those bubbling sound and you can feel the oil is very hot. Then, put the chicken pieces back for a while. You will get a very bubbly result. Stir a while and remove.


For the coating, here are two types of flour I normally use. One is the 60 sen local fried chicken flour which can be bought from local sundry shops. One packet probably is enough for about 1kg of chicken.

The other one is the clone KFC powder. If I remember correctly, many years ago, Kentucky Fried Chicken did sue one company for the rights to use the name Kentucky. I guess the original Colonel Sanders lost the case or probably this is a new company using the Kentucky name. Whatever it is, the powder tastes not too bad. It has flavours of spices and herbs. I usually use a very small amount and mix it with self-raising flour,

Normally, I will season my chicken pieces with a bit of Chinese cooking wine and pepper. Then, leave the pieces for a while to season. Before frying, I beat an egg white till fluffy. Put the chicken pieces into the egg white and then, pour in some flour to coat. I avoid using too much flour because the flour is awfully salty so that’s why I mix with plain flour.

Fry as usual. Double fry like shown in the video above.


So, another Ubah Gaya Hidup, KFC do it yourself at home meal. It is still finger lickin’ good! At a fraction of the cost of Colonel Sander’s.

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  1. Lilian, I love ur recipes !! Just curious, do u have any tips to make deep frying less messy (no oily feeling residue on the floor) ?

    Gracias !!

  2. Lilian, my mama ask me to mix some rice flour together with KFC flour ….. lagi crispy wor. I tested lior, confirmed, very tasty and cripsy.

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