Red sugar cane and water chestnut drink

Today is definitely the wrong day to prepare this cooling drink. It rains from morning till evening and it is very cold. However, I had bought the red sugar cane (teik chia or bamboo cane) for a few days already and I do not want to store it any longer.

So, I boil it anyway.


I bought a bunch of three sugar canes from the market for maybe RM2. The sweet old lady told me it is good to be boiled with water chestnuts. So, I bought a packet of water chestnuts to try. Actually, this is the first time I tried boiling ‘ma thai teik chia’ as all the while, I ordered them from the coffee shop.


I peeled the water chestnuts (actually my hubby did that ‘cos I have no patience for things like these, probably slicing off pieces of my finger nails if I am to do it) and cut the sugar canes into 4 inches length and split them up.

I added a cube of rock sugar and boil them for about an hour until the water turns a little greenish and murky. I tasted it and it seems like those sold by the coffee shop.

Sometimes, those coffee shops have their versions with ginseng roots or barley too.

Try it. Another Ubah Gaya Hidup DIY kopitiam cooling drink. LOL, if I keep churning out more DIY recipes, my friends are going to think that I have turned into a pauper and have no money to eat out. Never mind….Better to brace for the worst. Make hay while the sun shines.

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  1. ooo same like my mom’s. Just that she uses green teik chia and adds in ‘mau ken’ (some herbal roots). Oh yeah, we also took some effort to remove the bamboo cane skin. Dunno why she does that tho.
    Cooling good wat. Since you cooked curry at home now. lol.

  2. Hi Lilian, Really enjoying reading your Ubah Gaya Hidup recipes, pls continue doing so. I too have been on an Eat-At-Home drive for the past 6 months, much before the Horendous price Increases! Food is relatively cheap here in Ipoh, (tho portions seem to be smaller now)and my KL friends go gaga here, but maybe because I have picked up so many recipes from Food Blogs all over the world, I feel its a shame to not try out your own variety. Hey, you know Tesco towgay too are cheaper than at wet markets? I am learning something new everyday! Regards from Ipoh, Mrs Singh

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