Steam egg with whitebaits

I know this is call white baits or whitebaits but when I check the Google images, I found bigger fishes and not this tiny, maggot like fishes. Maybe this is the kind we get over here in Malaysia.

Whitebait is like anchovies but it is really, really tiny and soft. Usually, we cook it whole.


The white bait is slightly salted so you do not need to use more salt in your cooking. I use two eggs, a handful of white baits and 1/2 portion of water, i.e. half the amount of the total egg quantity. I put a teaspoon of oil to make the egg texture smoother and also to cover the fishy smell of the eggs.

My egg steaming skill still sucks. I forgot to watch over the steaming process and the egg was overcooked.


To hide the ugly surface, I put a sprig of coriander leaves on it. Still, the egg tastes nice. It is a very easy and simple dish to prepare so no one can claim they do not know how to cook. I put the egg over my rice cooking in the electric rice cooker to steam.

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  1. will half the amount of water be sufficient. normally when i steam eggs, i use the same amount of water, if not a little more. i use the egg shell ie if i use 2 eggs then i put in 4 scoops of the egg shell which now will be in half. that will make 2 eggful of water. the texture will be smoother.

  2. Based on my experience, I mix 100ml warm water for every one egg, ie. 2 eggs mix with 200 ml water. Lightly beat the eggs to avoid too much air getting in. Steam at medium heat for 10 minutes or until set. Another important tip is that must leave a very small gap between the wok cover and the wok while steaming will ensure the surface is smooth and nice… Happy cooking!

  3. ooo…actually ever wonder why japanese restaurant chawanmushi is so damn smooth? Its important to cover the egg mixture (at least with foil or something). And your eggs will definitely come out smooth like tofu.

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