Ubah gaya hidup – Garlic bread DIY

One of my reader asked the below :

Dear 5xmom, could you please post(or maybe point to a site or 2?) recipes for an easy dish for a bachelor to cook? but yet suitable enough to get his friends to go ‘Wow’ & actually impress the gals? Basically something presentable, delicious yet easy to cook. It can be of any type(M’sian/non-Msian). Its a bit troublesome, but I do hope that with your experiences & expertise(who knows, your sons might need them not so near in the future too! :p) you could help this helpless guy whip out something. Thanx!

Well, I didn’t forget your question or ignore it. Before I can provide you some ideas, I need to know what kind of kitchen gadgets do you have so that I do not find something that you aren’t able to dish up due to the unavailability of the cooking gadget.


So, how about garlic bread? Do you have a toaster that looks like a tiny oven? If you do, it will be great to toast some garlic breads. French loaves are very cheap too. I bought mine from Tesco for RM1.59 cents only.

I chopped a few pips of garlic and sweat it with olive oil. Sweat means to make the thing limp but not burnt. It will make the garlic less pungent.

After that, I mix the garlic with butter. I cut the french loaf into slices and let my kids smear the garlic butter. Do not buy those pre-made garlic butter because the taste sucks. You can easily do this at home.

I grated some cheddar on top and bake them till crispy. Sometimes, instead of putting too much butter, I drizzle olive oil and use less butter. Butter is awfully expensive nowadays!


If you are making a big batch, all you need is to prepare the slices of bread in advance, apply the garlic butter, wrap up the whole loaf in an aluminium foil. You can bake the whole thing in the BBQ fire too if you like.

For the main course, do try my pasta recipes.

Since you said you are a bachelor…on second thought, maybe garlic bread is not such a great idea after all. I do not want to spoil your date and kiss with killer garlic bread breath. But it is perfect for meals with the guys.

Do let me know what kind of kitchen gadgets you have and whether you prefer Chinese, Indian, Malay or Western.

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  1. I love garlic bread. I always add some coriander and paparika to my garlic bread. BTW, Lilian I tried to login to your penangfaces.net but tak boleh. What is the address liau. Sorry lor, I am a forgetful lady. *wink eyes*

  2. I like adding the parmessan cheese in it the butter and make sure that it’s actually salted butter(can add salt if it’s not salted). Once it’s in the oven, the smell really makes your mouth water. 😉

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