Why Malaysian restaurants should know Nuffnang and One man’s meat is another man’s poison

I actually have a lot of recipes and a lot of photos. However, I am rather busy these few days and never have the time to sit down and draft the quantities of the ingredients. That’s my most hated part of writing a recipe blog – the chore of typing out the quantities and methods. With other kind of blogs, I just need to slam on the keyboard and I get a post.

With a recipe blog, I have to make sure that none of the ingredients are not left out and the photo and the descriptions are somewhat in sequence. Anyway…just to give a little life to this poor neglected blog, I have this opinion.

I notice someone linked to one of my post and she is wondering why some bloggers give great reviews while other bloggers find the foods taste not up to their standard.

Well, I personally do not like to diss any restaurants if their foods are lousy because the power of the internet is amazing. I do not want to break someone’s rice bowl. Secondly, I do not want to get recognised and who knows, they may poison me the next time I eat again. Well, not poison to kill but they may even spit before they serve to me. So, most of my posts here are about edible foods unless the place is absolutely horrible.

Taste is very subjective. And then, on different days and different times, the quality of the foods may vary. I notice that if I have a kick-ass Nikon camera with its bright yellow strap, I tend to get nicer looking foods. But of course, I am not manipulating the situation. Just that sometimes, when I was out with the camera, I have to bring it down along with me as it is foolish to leave cameras in cars, unattended.

The other thing about food blog is the quality of the foods photos. Some bloggers’ photos are so yummylicious, even a plate of fried cockroaches look yummy. Some bloggers’ photos are so horrible, they look like a pile of cow dung. You get what I mean? So, the best is to tread with care whenever we are eating out. Don’t trust food bloggers too much. Some may be writing a paid review so of course, they sing to the ninth heaven eventhough the food tastes like crap.

Talking about paid reviews, I am rather disappointed that our local restaurants and eating joints are not into promoting their eating places yet. With the downturn in economy, they better be promoting hard because people are eating out less and less each day. What they paid for internet advertising stays forever. Newspapers and magazines will become paper lama the next day, internet stays on. Right now, only TGIF, Foodloft and McDonalds catch on with this dynamic form of marketing and advertising. The rest of the restaurants in Malaysia better take heed. You certainly do not want some random blogger dissed your restaurant mercilessly and cause every single potential customers to run away.

Until my next post, eat well, cook at home, save money, ubah gaya hidup.

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1 thought on “Why Malaysian restaurants should know Nuffnang and One man’s meat is another man’s poison

    Karmen Soo

    (July 8, 2008 - 11:35 am)

    Dear 5xMom,

    I envy all those children who do not have any food allegies and can eat anything that’s put in front of them. They are all so chubby and cute while my kid who have severe food allegies can only look and imagine what those food taste like.

    My 6-years old kid is allegic to ALL diary products, eggs, some varieties of vegetables and fish/sea food products as well as most grains/legumes/nuts, some meat/fowl and pineapples. Since she’s also allegic to flour & wheat, anything that’s fried, cakes, breads etc is poison to her.

    Cracking my brains and crawling thru the internet for ideas is my daily bread. So you can imagine what it is like when you have to come up with ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner for her.

    Pheeww…that feels good off my chest. My apologies 5xMom for loading that off on you, and since I know you are brilliant and have a million and one ideas, can you share with me any recipe that is suitable for my kid?

    Thanks a million

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