Recipe : Fresh cordyceps root soup

I have seen these maggots like fresh cordyceps sold in supermarket but never have the inclination to buy them because they really look like maggots. But the other day, the old gentleman in Pulau Tikus market talked me into it to give it a try.


So, I boiled the soup with some red dates, yuk chok and meat.


The fresh cordyceps has little flavour and it doesn’t taste ‘floury’ like what I expected it. However, it makes a nice, clear soup.


The soup ready boiled.


And here is my maggot rice. Lucky the size of the cordyceps is rather huge so it doesn’t give me the creepy crawly feeling. Otherwise, I will not even look at them, what more buy and boil soup with it.

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  1. Lilian, I enjoyed your blog about those recipe and cooking and coincidently my mom is also a hainanese.Btw just like to inform you that the thin white strip beside the red dates in the pix is called “tian ma” if I am not wrong. I saw them in the cooking show over Astro that “Tian Ma” is good for blood circulations.

  2. I thought Cordyceps are always in “dried” form and always have 8 tiny feet…cause they are only available in Winter O_O I have no idea you can get fresh ones in Malaysia!

  3. They can be eaten fresh, right? I’ve seen some colleagues bring a whole tub of these little “maggots” and devouring them within minutes.

  4. Dear Lilian,

    I’m one of your silent reader. After reading so many of your post at 5xmom and here, I must admit I wish to have a mum like you who can really cook wonderful food. (yet to try)

    I miss home cook food… Among 365 days a year, I can say I only have the chance to eat home cook food less than 10 times…

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