Ribs Restaurant, Penang – Barbeque spare ribs

I had read about this restaurant from a few food blogs and they recommended the place. I love spare ribs. Many restaurants have closed down like Mr. Ho, Scarlet and even Hardwicke House and Mizi have reduced the quality of their foods due to the escalating prices of imported food items. Places like TGIF and Chilli’s have gigantic portion and sometimes, the ribs are too huge and grainy.

chicken and ribs

So, my family head over to Ribs, not very sure if the foods are as good as what we read. the newspapers advertised their set lunch costs RM9.90. I know those are definitely marketing gimmick.

True enough, there are no RM9.90 set except for one spaghetti chicken. So, we ordered the sets with ribs and chicken. I like their barbeque sauce and the baby spare ribs. It is very tender.

chicken cordon bleu

My second son ordered chicken cordon bleu. It is yet another barbeque sauce, grilled chicken with a layer of ham and cheese. Not bad, in my opinion. But it is certainly not the regular chicken cordon bleu that we are used to, i.e. deep fried with chicken with breadcrumbs and stuffed with cheese and ham.

soup and salad

The price for the set lunch is about RM22 + and above. It is inclusive of one soup, one main dish, a very tangy and fresh ice-lemon tea and ice cream. The ambience is great and service is friendly. So, it is a good place for a quick lunch.


Caesar salad. Not inclusive in the menu, order separately.

grilled chicken, prawn and ribs

My other son ordered the mixed grill which comes with a piece of lamb chop, large prawn, baby ribs and chicken. Portion is not very big but all the above three set lunches were enough to feed the five of us. I have forgotten the price of this set but it is less than RM30.

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So, there you have it. A few of the most active food bloggers in Penang, giving the thumbs up for the place. We cannot be wrong, you know?

7 Replies to “Ribs Restaurant, Penang – Barbeque spare ribs”

  1. Seriously, I miss this place. I had the best potato skins here.. too bad they had to remove that from the menu 🙁

    Even the ones I had in San Francisco Steakhouse @ KLCC could not match the tastiness.

    BTW.. I got a couple of bad comments on this restaurant.. glad to know yours is a great one!

  2. From your blog, the prices are still reasonable and looks like they still maintain the portion size. Your pictures looks great especially the mixed grill and the ribs/chicken set, so much so that my hubby is eager to visit it again.
    I think this is one place that serves one of the tastier ribs in town 🙂

  3. I have a funny feeling that ribs are boiled/ pressure cooked until well done before being thrown on the grill becoz at the places that I have ribs they are well done (over done even)and falling-off-the-bone.. I have often wondered.. I don’t think that it is beef tenderiser. (I asked a staff at roadhouse grill- who confirmed my suspicions.. but I am not sure of other restaurants.)

  4. Oh yes the last time I ate ribs was last week at Tony Romas at Pavillion KL… Sedap giler babi, babi giler pun tak sedap macam ni.. (as if I know).

  5. elaiza – Sorry lah, I don’t they think the restaurant carries the halal sign because they serves wines and they have a nice selection too.

    rizlan -So, that’s their secret lah? No wonder…cos the ribs punya daging selalu liat. Nanti I pergi KL you belanja ya?

    NKOTB – I haven’t been to Chicago but the ones in TGIF and Chillies are too grainy for me.

    CK Lam – It is value for money still and hope they stay that way.

    vkeong – Yalor, I saw the photo of the potato skins on your site, so yummy and cheesy. But nowadays, every darn cheese also sooooo expensive until I have to cut down on making pasta dishes with cheese. Beh tahan, the price increased 100%.

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