Nasi kandar Leboh Buckingham (nasi beratur Masjid Kapitan Keling)

nasi kandar

Somehow, eating nasi kandar by the roadside, five foot ways or by the drain seems much nicer and special compared to sitting down at one of those airconditioned mamak restaurants. The mamak restaurants do not have the uniqueness nor ‘feel’ because one chain to another are almost the same.

However, sitting down under the trees, with leaves, tree worms and even possible bird’s ‘bomb’ possibly dropping into our foods give that authentic feel.

nasi kandar

That’s where we had our nasi kandar dinner yesterday. We went to Leboh Buckingham nasi beratur. It has been a while since we went there. If I remember correctly, that’s like 12 years ago! Now, all my children are grown up and can have a plate of nasi kandar of their own.

ayam goreng bawang

We tried several things and they are all nice. I had the burung puyuh or quail curry with beef and sotong eggs. My hubby ordered fried mutton and beef. My sons had chicken, fish and kurma mutton. All of them are nice. Normally, we exchange small portions of each so we get to sample everything.

nasi kandar

We went rather early for dinner, around 6 pm. If I am not mistaken this nasi kandar Lebuh Buckingham is open till late at night. When it is crowded, the patrons have to queue along Pitt Street to wait for their turns.

nasi kandar

Each of their dishes have their own flavours and prices aren’t that expensive. The quail costs RM4 while the fried chicken (the whole thigh) costs RM3.50 with generous helpings of the most delicious crispy fried onions.

nasi kandar stall, buckingham street

And this is the guy who scoop the dishes for you. Say hello! 🙂

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  1. I’m going back on Saturday and Nasi Beratur is one of the place I plan to go besides than the usual suspects Jelutong, Kpg Melayu, Immigration, Merlin & Line Clear.

  2. Lilian, pls. could you kindly tell me the address of Restoran Teck Seng. I would like to take friends from USA for makan there

  3. TL Ong – They have just a shed on Leboh Carnavon. Turn in from Chulia Street. Next to Hup Loong, the famous dry spices and local food stuffs shop.

    muteaudio – Don’t forget the one in Glugor. That one is also damn good.

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