Chinese green apple dessert (tongsui)

Chinese green apple dessert

If you click on the above photo, it will leads you to my Flickr album and you can see for yourselves the names of the different ingredients.

Briefly, these are :
Dried figs
Dried lotus buds (pak hup)
Chinese almonds
Chinese barley
Green apples
Honey date
Dried, candied tangerine
Wai San
and not in the photo is some rock sugar


A close-up shows, on the left Chinese barley, the long pieces of white thing is the wai san and the other tiny almond shape nuts are Chinese almonds.

I have never try cooking Chinese almonds before but I suspect the slight bitter taste of my dessert is from the Chinese almond. None of my kids or husband want to drink the dessert and I ended up finishing the whole pot. It took me three days to finish it.

chinese tongsui

I wonder if I am beginning to look as heavenly beautiful as those concubines in the Chinese emperor’s palace with the huge amount of tong sui I am drinking?


The whole packet of dried ingredients costs only RM3.80. I bought it out of curiousity though I am not sure what’s the name of the tong sui or what benefits it gives. Wet markets have all these small stalls selling herbal medicines and it is nice to sample those packages of herbs, either boil as sweet dessert or made into soups for dinner.

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  1. is the chinese almond make the tong sui bitter? hmm…

    then this definitely not suitable for Fei Fei, he will never put bitter food inside his mouth.. hahaha

  2. I know that the Chinese pharmacy prescribe the Chinese almonds, dried tangerine and Chinese barleys as a cough medication.

  3. LOL, I though you should know that candied tangerine skin bring the bitter taste instead of Chinese almond.

    That’s why chinese use “Chan pei” (dried, aging tangerine skin), instead of candied tangerine. A 3-5 years “old” “Chan pei” will not give any bitter taste at all. And a small slice will do.

    The 5 words in cantonese : “Chin Pui Yun Haw Tong” (Chin Pui Sooth Throat soap )

    The Chinese barley you talk about are Chin Pui (Sichuan fritillaria), a major ingredient of chinese made cough syrup. Works better in powder form. Because traditionally, unscrupulous chiense herb shop use to give fake Chin Pui in powder form, that’s why some shop never grind it to let the customer know they are using real Chin Pui.

  4. I think it’s the chinese almond that makes it bitter. Chinese almonds are divided into 2 types, the sweet & the bitter. Normally they are used together. Maybe the seller forgot to add in the sweet type.

  5. Hi,

    Chinese almonds have got 2 kinds, the north and south (Pak Hang and Nam Hang). One of it is sweet and the other is bitter (i can’t remember which is which). You could have bought the bitter one. The both of them looked exactly the same but in order to get the perfect taste, you would need to use both. Try adding the candied winter melon (tim tung kua), might help. Green apples can be replaced with white fungus, remember to get the slightly yellowish ones as totally pure white ones have been bleached.

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