Cooling drink : Loh han guo (buddha’s fruit) & heh koh chau

loh han guo and cooling herbs

I really do not know the name of the herb. We call it heh koh chau in Hokkien and it is commonly brewed to make cooling herbal teas. The shiny ball which resembles someone’s bald head is the loh han guo or lohan kor or Buddha’s fruit.

Anyway, this is what the Chinese medicine shop recommended to me when I asked for a Chinese cooling tea herbs.

loh han guo and cooling herbs

I boil the above with some brown sugar and it makes a lovely herbal drink. The weather these days are crazy. On certain days, it is so hot. The haze is shrouding my island. However, without warning, it can rains cats and dogs.

So, keep a packet or two of the dried herbs to make a cooling tea for hot days to stay healthy.

4 Replies to “Cooling drink : Loh han guo (buddha’s fruit) & heh koh chau”

  1. I always like Lo Han Guo. I prefer the cold one. I dun know what is Heh Koh Chau but I used take herbal drink brewed using Kap Koh Chao. I dun know whether they are the same. Kap Koh Chao is good for kidney.

  2. I like the lo han guo cook with the winter melon one…

    My mum used to cook for us when the weather is hot like recently. Really need something to cool me down

  3. I only learn about Heh Koh Chau when I came to Penang…In my younger days, my mum used to boiled for me a cooling drink known as Puk Ji Cou and Har Fui Cou (in Cantonese). I am not sure if it is the same drink.

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