Argggh…the darn rice won’t cook!

To those of you who have cooked rice with coconut milk or other liquids or stocks, you will probably know the frustration of not being able to get the rice to cook properly.

It is still a mystery to me why we get that sometimes. I make it a point to use the same quantity we normally need to cook white rice and add the coconut milk as an addition.

Yet, I get a pot of half-cooked tomato rice today. Some of the grains aren’t cooked and it is still ‘sandy’. So, I took the whole pot, put them in the steamer and steam. The rice still refused to cook thoroughly.

Fed up, I pour them back to the rice cooker and leave it on ‘Warm’. BTW, in case you do not know, when the rice is cooked, you cannot press ‘Cook’ again because the darn button will pop back to ‘Warm’ like a stubborn child.

By the time I moved the rice from the pot to the steamer and back to the pot, I have lost my appetite. Sheesh…..

Anyway, I have lost my taste senses because of the darn haze. I am having a sore-throat, runny nose and sneeze that goes into frenzy and won’t stop when it starts.

So much for food blog…This is beginning to sound like a rant blog.


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  1. Yeah….sometimes we have that problem too, while trying to cook nasi lemak! Got a pot of half-cooked rice instead. Sometimes get so frustrated, decided to abandon plan and threw it all away. Sigh.

  2. What’s the fuss? My family never failed on cooking nasi lemak, not even once. Did that on 10 liters cookers for big chunks of people.

    Don’t tell me you people pour in the coconut milk before the rice are cook. It doesn’t work that way! You only pour in coconut milk when the rice are almost cook, which are still wet. Stir the wet rice thoroughly then let the cooker finish the cooking work.

    Because the coconut oil will cover rice and prevent water entering the rice. That’s why Risotto take longer time to cook.

    Oh wait, let me see.
    kakakakakaaka, you pour the coconut milk before it is cook. (nvm, you are no.1 on the topic inside google.)

    BTW, put pandan leaf during this stage also give the best effect.

  3. I remember this happening with my first attempt at cooking tomato rice and I still get phobia ever since … even now … I now make sure that the liquid is not too thick ..agak2 ..and usually the liquid measurement is slightly more than cooking normal rice. Tu pun still tak berani sangat. Cooking beriani is easier for me 😛 .. that oso i only did once.

    Nasi lemak no sweat oredi. I don’t think there is a problem in adding coconut milk earlier in the cooking process ..personal preference, I guess. That is how people normally cook it .. Just dunk everything in the pot before going to sleep and u have a pot of rice ready for you in the morning for breakfast.. no need to wait by the pot ..The measurement I normally use is again slightly more than normal rice .. and jangan bagi pekat sangat …

  4. lyza – Yalar, the last time I did it, it was ok. This time I think I put too thick lah, geram betul. Whole pot I kasi my housekeeper. Masak tu, masak tapi rasa pelik.

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