Nostalgia over a can of Yeo’s curry chicken

I am sure all Malaysians and Singaporeans have their share of canned curry chicken. Of all the brands, I think Yeo’s is the first to hit the market with canned curry chicken. So, I have sort of connect curry chicken in a can with the brandname Yeo’s.

curry chicken

When I was pregnant with my two older children, I have cravings for Yeo’s curry chicken. I would even chew the bones. When I told my doctor about my need to eat bones, he gave me calcium supplements. 🙂 I have woken up in the middle of the night to cook a packet of Maggi Asam Laksa and opened a can of curry chicken to satiate the cravings.

curry chicken

But the fondness for curry chicken in the convenience of a can went way back to schooling days. Who hasn’t bring a can or two of curry chicken to camps? There is nothing more delicious than having bread, crackers or white rice with curry chicken.

I haven’t buy Yeo’s for a long time already. Recently, I grabbed one can and tried it. The taste is still the same but unfortunately, there is less gravy in there.

So, when was the last time you have had a can of curry chicken? What’s your favourite brand?

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  1. I remember I used to had this with the housemates when I didn’t have enough money to buy other foods. It was 4 years ago during my college time in Malaysia.

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