Recipe for a lazy, simple chicken pie

I have been sicked since Wednesday and hubby has been buying foods to feed us. I am still sick today but I decided that I have enough of take-away foods. So, I decided to make a quick pie for a Sunday meal. There aren’t much foods in the fridge so whatever I could find, I dump them into this chicken pie.

chicken pie

It looks so lovely and yummy, right? But it doesn’t take much time to do as I use prepared, frozen puff pastry. I cooked through all the pie fillings and hence, I just need to bake the puff pastry till it puffs up and turn a nice golden brown.

For the puff pastry, I use 7 sheets of 4×4 inches square pre-made sheets. I use a bakeware which is about 12 inches.

pie fillings

For the fillings :
Boil three eggs and one potato in its skin. (cube the potato, slice the eggs when cooked)

400 grams of boneless chicken – Season with mustard, salt, pepper, two teaspoon of cornflour and some herbs if you have. I use fresh but dried sage.

3 pips garlic, half an onion – Chopped finely

a handful of green peas

a handful of mushrooms (I use some China mushroom that looks like a male organ LOL)

1 egg beat with 200 mls of milk


Method :

1) Heat some butter or olive oil
2) Stir fry chopped garlic and onion
3) Add the chicken and fry till cooked.

Remove from pan.

pie fillings

To assemble

Put the cooked chicken, mushroom, beans, egg and potato into a shallow dish. Any kind of dish that can withstand baking. Go get some from IKEA, it’s cheap.

Mix through so that you have a nice combination. Pour in egg-milk mixture. Sprinkle some cheese if you like. I used some leftover matured cheddar.


As I am using tiny squares of puff pastry, I arranged them as above. I use up 7 sheets of the Kawan Puff Pastry. I give the top an egg wash, press the sides to the baking dish and then, sprinkle some Pescano cheese on top (or Parmesan).


I bake the pie for about 30 minutes at 200 deg celcius. It turns out so lovely and really tasty.

chicken pie

You can make the pie more nutritious by adding vegetables like asparagus, carrots, french beans or broccoli. As this is just my lazy day creation, I just grab whatever I have in my fridge and it works well too.

If you want a spicy version, you can add some meat curry powder and curry leaves when seasoning the chicken and make this like a curry puff too. The combination of the crispy puff pastry, the slow baking of the ingredients mixed with milk and egg alone make whatever you put into the fillings tasty. Instead of chicken, you can also alternate with fish fillets.

I have made this pie several times but each time, it is worth sharing because it is really easy, cheap and good.

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    (August 11, 2008 - 7:09 pm)

    eh… if sick hor.. better get more rest… ok? else your reader will be very upset one….

    btw… you are featured in Kuang Ming on Sunday. Congratulation! Proud to have flogger like you in Penang. We have lots to learn from you.

    Hope to get featured on day..


    (August 11, 2008 - 8:49 pm)

    Really easy and simple woh. Looks nice to eat also lol. Get well soon ya!

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