Mee protes

LOL, this is just my private joke. BabeInTheCity organized a Malaysian food bloggers Merdeka theme food posts call “Mee & My Malaysia”. Initially, I was joking about making mee soto but now the winds have changed.

In case you did not know the latest Permatang Pauh by-election results, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of PKR has won with huge majority.

So, I was wondering what I should cook. And I got an excellent idea. Mee protes or I protest. I protest the steep increase of food prices in Malaysia. It is ridiculous how the prices of everything increase so much. Do you know a pack of 5 packets of instant noodle used to cost less than RM3 but now, it costs RM4.50? And even the McDonald sundae cone has increased from RM1.05 to RM1.25.


So, here’s my mee protes.

Recipe :

1 packet of instant noodle with flavour of your choice

300 ml water.


Boil water
Add noodle
Add sachet of flavour.


My bowl has nice red and white stripes. The star anise represents the star in our flag. The five dried chillies represent 5xmom spiciness. And the cinnamon sticks? Well, nothing in particular.

I would have placed a bunga raya there but it is raining and I couldn’t pluck one.

So, happy Merdeka to all Malaysians! May we see a new dawn in the horizon with better political scenes.

Before I signed off, can I tell a joke I heard from email forward my son received. As you know, the mamak stall has all sort of roti and mee. Each of them have their unique names like roti bom, roti hongkong, mee bandung and etc. So, there is this mee call mee pakla. It has everything – udang, sayur, daging dan macam macam lagi. Semua pun ada, teloq saja takdak. Muahaharrr….

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