Rewarding self with foie gras at Deluxious

The only other time I had foie gras or fatten goose liver was in Hongkong several years ago. At that time, I had it with cheese fondue and it was an unforgettable taste of fat melting in the mouth. Though it is liver, it doesn’t have the powdery texture. Instead, it is like a piece of fat melting in the mouth.

foie gras with linguine

I ordered the foie gras with linguine at Deluxious Fusion Foods restaurant in Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah on my son’s birthday. I told him it is my celebration as well. The dish is the most expensive of the set lunch at RM58++.

miso lamb

Meanwhile, the birthday boy ordered a lamb dish call miso lamb or something like that. He liked the sweetish taste of the tender lamb which had been cooked till crispy on the outside.

We have 5-course set lunch which includes a soup, salad, main dish, dessert and coffe or tea. The miso lamb set costs RM33.90++


My third son ordered a creamy sauce pasta and it is tasty as well. His set is call the 3-course set lunch and costs RM23.90++ if I am not mistaken. The three courses consist of soup (or salad), main dish and unlimited amount of ice-cream.

smoked salmon salad

The salad that is part of the 5-course set lunch has smoked salmon, egg and croutons with wasabi sauce. For the soup, they gave us clam chowder which is hearty and full of clams.


They gave us lots of dinner rolls with plenty of butter. My little boy asked for additional buns and they gave us extra ones without charges. I like this little gesture from Deluxious. Most places would charge us extra.


Deluxious is housed in an old bungalow with lots of spaces. I like the high ceiling and the catchy colours. We were there rather late, at almost 3 pm because my #2 son the birthday boy only finished school at 2.30 pm. Set lunch is served till 3 pm. They have plenty of private rooms, ideal for catering to small groups. There is also a spa upstairs and for a small price, you get free meals with spa treatment.


My eldest son ordered the salmon confit (or something like that) and the salmon is cooked just right. It is almost raw on the inside which is how salmon should be cooked.

Deluxious has plenty of parking spaces and is certainly a good place to have a quick lunch. It is along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, near the abandoned army quarters. If I am not mistaken, they serve no pork but the restaurant serves alcohol and has a wide range of wines.

They have cheaper set lunch that costs RM13.90 only. But these are mainly local dishes like fried rice, fried hor fun and etc.

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  1. you should try their tender beef and lamb shank . i was with my two guest from US and they said that they never had this type of
    “melt in your mouth ” lamb shank and tenderloin in their life before !! even at the best restaurant in europe or in US. they have compliment the chef who is the owner’s brother for the great food that they served. I don’t eat beef but looking at their face , it ‘s like wooo wahhhh and until your stomach keep drumming.

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