Buah kurma segar – Fresh dates

This year, we are getting ripe fresh dates. In the previous year, the dates were rather ‘green’ and it’s taste is rather tart. I love fresh dates because it has this buttery, caramel like sweet taste. In fact, I normally eat until I get a sore-throat. These dates are really nutritious and a few of my breastfeeding friends insisted that eating dates gave them more breast milk.

fresh dates buah kurma segar

My hubby observed that the price of the fresh dates this year is cheaper than last two years. Trust an accountant to remember the prices of everything. Grrrr….He said previous year, a kilogramme can go as high as RM30. Normally he would buy only a bunch for me because he knows I would get sick and yet, insist to eat.

fresh dates buah kurma segar

However, this year the price dropped to RM15 per kilogramme. You can find cheaper prices in Jalan Kapitan Keling where Little India is. I found the pasar ramadhan in Kampung Melayu selling for RM18/kg. But I prefer to buy from the retailer in Little India because he kept them nicely chilled in a huge, clean fridge.

I am going back to Little India Pasar Ramadhan because I discovered some really nice curries sold by the Indian Muslims there. They also have other nice Indian Muslims kuehs and other savoury snacks.

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  1. I often wonder how fresh dates taste like since the ones I normally consume are the dried ones. Quoting your statement, “Buttery, caramel like sweet taste” has in a way enticed me to give it a go. You have some interesting entries here. 🙂

  2. Aunty…if ur going to the pasar ramadaan in little try..i’ll ask u t try eating this..

    order just nasi briyani(just the rice)
    and ask for chicken curry ( say cincang )-(small2 chicken one)
    and take a vege of ur choice..
    and if you go with ur family u can order the rice seperately and buy lotsa other dishes…it taste much better than buying the nasi briyani set!

    i would recommend dawood opposite the temple..very nice curries there :).. happy eating..i just had it a few days ago 🙂

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