In a little old coffeeshop in Penang…

I think many people can remember the good times they spent with their fathers when they were young. One of the things I have often read is how they went out alone with their fathers to have breakfast.

I do not have any such memories because my father died when I was very young. Moreover, we didn’t have any cars so we hardly went anywhere. However, I am so glad my own kids have their father to pamper on them.


Right now, my hubby is still on relax-mode, i.e. not working. He is catching up with the kids and since we are not short of money, it is a great arrangement. Three mornings a week, I spent at Mt. Miriam cancer hospital as a volunteer in pastoral care. (not a social worker and yet, not a preacher kinda thing) So, hubby has plenty of time to take my children to school and college (if it rains, as we have only one car, the other kena flooded). Then, he will leisurely spent hiking (early morning before I go out) at Penang Hill. After that, he will get breakfast for me. Then, he is free to roam with my little boy who is the only one left at home as the other three are in school and college.


This afternoon, after I completed my hospital round, we went to this little coffeeshop seling birthday mee to have our lunch/brunch. It is a very old coffeeshop and hence, I took lots of photos as I was enjoying the father-son moments they have. In fact, I have my blog posts conjured up in my mind already. Good eh, one meal, two blog posts. 😛


I am sure my little boy will grow up and remembers the times he spent with the father. He is the most pampered and luckiest boy in the world, compared to my older sons as he has both mommy and papa around in his growing years.


It is roti bakar and telor setengah masak today. Sometimes, it is breakfast at Coffee Beans at Island Plaza or McD’s breakfast at Gurney Plaza. On and off, I drop them at these two shopping malls when I am on my way to Mt. Miriam. It is a nice, cosy arrangement. I get to go out and do something that I find fulfilling and enriching while my hubby has the rare opportunity to enjoy the company of his most beloved son.


This is a row of old heritage buildings which have been restored and turned into restaurants. It is located at Jalan Krian, call the 8-row. I have never been to any one of these restaurants before. Across the other side of the same road, the buildings are old and broken. But Penang, despite of all the broken tiles, peeling paintworks and chaotic parking system and traffic, it is still the best place for a child to grow up. Glad that we never made it to Australia. (yeah, we thought of migrating a couple of years ago but my older two sons were not keen)

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  1. Hi.Finally, can get into one of your blogs.
    What happened to all your other blogs lar? Been trying to get in but can’t….I am sure a lot of other 5xmom fansee are frantically trying to get into your femes blog leh.
    Hmmm…must be got too many visitors that your site crashed eh? wah…jeles nye….

  2. Nowadays all parents are trying to spent more time with their children… My youngest son is already in university and my husband and myself is still trying to accomodate as much as our time to adjust to his timetable. We still want to see him ‘grow up’ even though he is already twenty-one.

    So your youngest son is the luckiest boy to have both of you around him. A proud mummy you should be!

  3. That’s true, a child will always treasure those precious childhood memories especially with their parents.
    And I am sure with your great upbringing, your kids have nothing but wonderful memories~:)

  4. Glad that we never made it to Australia. (yeah, we thought of migrating a couple of years ago but my older two sons were not keen)

    You have any regrets over this?

  5. I learn about many manly things from my late dad like carpentering, gardening and being someone firm but loving. Dad u will always live in my memory.

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