Recipe : Curry puff in a jiffy

I have always wanted to make curry puff because I love it so much. However, the thought of messing with the dough for the skin and the heat of deep frying them turned me off. So, this is the first time I attempted making curry puffs, using shortcuts.


I use the frozen puff pastry from Kawan which comes in squares. (you can see the post on Kawan pastry, can be bought from most supermarkets) All I need is to fold the square into a triangle, seal the edges with some egg yolk, press the sides with a fork and make some holes for steam to be released (to avoid exploding and overflowing puff). Then, I give it an egg wash with the egg white and bake them for about 20-25 minutes at 200 degrees.


So, what needs to be done is the fillings. Here’s my recipe for the potato and chicken fillings :

1) One potato, cut into tiny cubes and boiled till soft (but not too soft it breaks)

2) One tiny piece of chicken fillet, cut it tiny cubes too

3) One green chillies, cut into tiny rings (omit if you hate green chillies)

4) A stalk of curry leaves

5) One teaspoon of mustard seeds

6) Two teaspoon of meat curry powder

7) Seasoning like salt and pinch of sugar

8) One large onion, chopped into cubes

9) Some oil


Heat pan and put in mustard seeds and curry leaves to pop.
Put oil, add in green chillies and onion
Add the potatoes and chicken plus all the seasoning and curry powder

Stir fry. Remove from pan and leave to cool down.


To make the curry puffs, put a tablespoon on more of the fillings and sealed up the edges like mentioned above. Bake.

Do not put too much fillings to avoid the edges opened up, leaving an unsightly looking curry puff. If you have fillings leftover, just serve with rice as a potato dish.

curry puff

The curry puffs are so delicious! Try it, it doesn’t take much work. If you like you can also put hard boiled eggs quarters as fillings. However, it is rather hard to squeeze too much fillings into a tiny square.

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  1. Ah Sui – I have just added the link where you can see the packaging. Can be bought from most supermarkets. If cannot find Kawan, can buy those imported ones like Pampas but it is a lot more expensive.

  2. Oh, I tot kawan is a name of an ingredient shop. Haha…looking at ur kawan puff pastry, remind me that tesco selling this, I think I saw it before…yes yes, thanks for reminding…hehehe…I used to make my own puff pastry, and this is what I made last time Maybe next time I should try this kind of puff pastry, make my life easy. Have u make ur own puff pastry before? Are the two puff pastry taste the same? Thanks for all the answers in advanced…hehehe…

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