Can someone please tell Faridah Begum in Sunday Star her photos suxs?

For the longest time ever, I have wanted to rant about this horrible looking food photos found in the weekly Sunday Star. It puzzles me how this columnist gets her own column. Really. First, her recipes are nothing to shout about. Second, her ideas are nothing new. Thirdly, her food photos suxs max! Really.

Her food photos are a mess always. The plates and bowls she used clashed with the foods. For someone with a column of her own, can’t she use a bit of garnishing or whatever to dress up her ugly foods?

There is a lack of passion from her. It is the week before Raya and what recipe does she offers? Gulai Ayam and Thosai. Eh, ini kan Raya, bukan Deepavali lah. Can’t you find something ‘Malay’ to get into the mood? There are hundreds of dishes perfect for Raya but what does she offers? Thosai and Gulai Ayam that looks like some gulai served in Kamunting.

Think I over exaggerate? Look here. Or here. I also noticed that most of the recipes she used are based on pre-made sauces and soup sachets. Aiyor, this kind of recipe, we can just copy from the packaging lah! (an archive of her articles)

But that’s not the end of my rant. Someone from the same food section every Sunday takes bloggers’ blog posts and make it into an article. My food posts came up twice and I hate the fact that they never bother to ask me first. First article was my sesame chicken and the next one, was a food review of some mamak stall.

Sheessh….The Sunday Star, wth lah! Buy Faridah a better digital camera, can? Plus teach her about frames, how to crop, angles and lighting….Not that I am a pro but seriously, any of us food bloggers can come up with much more decent photos than your columnist who gets her own column, every week.

*ok, end of rant, grins*

7 Replies to “Can someone please tell Faridah Begum in Sunday Star her photos suxs?”

  1. You’re right about the bad cropping. LOL.
    The paper taking your articles and publishing it is an infringement of copyrights. You could very well sue them.

  2. Who the F**k is Faridah Begum lah!!!!??????

    Anyway, ok ok here goes. WOI!!, FARIDAH BEGUM!!! YOUR PHOTOS SUXS!!!!!

  3. i second everything you’ve written here. since i was the first blogger they first featured on sun star, i complained about the non-informing us b4 publishing, the reporter email me privately and apologise. subsequently they just drop a mail saying they r publishing ano post of mine.

    now no more oredi since i’ve accused them of stealing my photos 😀

  4. Not only her pics sux but her recipes are nothing to shout about either. I look through her column every Sunday looking for something that I can try but they are all so common. Maybe it’s the pictures of the dishes, but after reading, I don’t feel inspired to try anything. I think our moms can easily take her recipes and whip up something more delicious from them :p

  5. OMG… you’re right. I didn’t know such person in Star. I only read Kuali. Btw, you’re sure cool looking mom in red-T @ Edelweiss!

    Babe_KL.. yes, i read your case from Rasa Malaysia. I’m now careful as well even though my picts are not good and only for my references :-D.

  6. I don’t mean to sound mean, sure hers aren’t too good but your pictures aren’t that great either.
    On another note, you should/could sue them for featuring your blog without notice that’s pretty dodgy..

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