Penang food bloggers dinner at Edelweiss

Hahaha, I have so many blogs, I can write a post each. The first post is on my personal blog. For this blog, I shall just put a few photos because the foods from Edelweiss is not halal so I have to put the food photos over at Food Haven.

As I told Lingzie, CK Lam and Huat Kueh of PenangTuaPui, so far, this is the best bloggers gathering that I ever had. I had been to a few bloggers meet and usually, it was quite a rush ‘hi and bye’ event.


There are 26 of us food bloggers and their guests. When Lingzie put up all the URLs, then, I shall link them here as I do not have all the URLs. Meanwhile, here’s a short take on what we had last night.

chocolate brownies

The bloggers brought their own handmade creations. Ah Shui brought some really nice chocolate brownies which she bake. CKLam brought lovely pineapple tarts. I didn’t manage to take a picture of the tarts because my sons ate them all before I manage to shoot the photo.


This is one professional gathering because every little nice touches were put into the event. Each of us get a nice goodies bag with lots of goodies inside like cookies and food vouchers. We also had lucky draws.


Food was great. For RM38, we get a glass of ice-lemon tea, crunchy toasted roti bengali with lots of cheese and garlic, a main dish and lovely apple flan with icecream plus coffee or tea.


The most amusing part is how food bloggers love to capture every plate of foods. If the dish is not theirs, all will rushed over to table to snap a photo. Seen here is a photo my son took with his point and shoot camera, Nikon P4. The lowest right, in red shirt is me with my Nikon DSLR. Lucky I brought along my son so I have a personal cameraman.

See above in our red and olive green t-shirt are two WordPress fans!

Watch out for my yummy smoked pork belly post in another blog (to link later)

11 Replies to “Penang food bloggers dinner at Edelweiss”

  1. No introduction/photos on the bloggers who went? 🙂
    I didn’t know Penang has 26 food bloggers! So many! I am currently working in Selangor and couldn’t make it to the gathering. Kinda pity eh.

  2. It was nice to have you with us on the gathering…as your celebrity blogger presence give an extra ‘uumph’ and also thanks to Lingzie’s effort for inviting you.

  3. Well, everyone did a great job in chipping in here and there. That’s why the gathering was a great one. Thanks Lingzie for organizing this great gathering. See you this 6th December. What’s cooking then? 😛

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