Malaysiakini – Vegetables tainted with melamine, Kit Kat and Snickers too

I just picked this up from Malaysiakini and wish to share with readers. The original article is in Bahasa Malaysia and I shall attempt to translate part of it.

“Kami mendapat tahu dari Korea (Selatan) bahawa mereka mengesan kadar melamin yang tinggi dalam sayur-sayuran yang mereka import dari China.

“We (the Ministry of Health) obtained information from Korea (South) that they have detected high levels of melamine in vegetables they imported from China.

Now, this explains why those vegetables from China can remain beautifully green like in my fridge for a long period of time.

Agensi berita yang sama turut melaporkan pihak berkuasa keselamatan makanan Korea Selatan menemui bahan berasaskan nitrogen itu dalam coklat berjenama Kit Kat dan Snickers yang dihasilkan dari China.

Translation :

The same news agency also reported that food safety authorities of South Korea has found nitrogen based ingredients in Kit Kat and Snickers from China.

Ouch….I have a few bars of Kit Kat. I better go and check if it is from China. Nope, it is from Petaling Jaya. Ah, but then, where is the milk from?

To get the full news, go to Malaysiakini.

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