Recipe : Individually wrapped lamb shank – Jamie Oliver style

Jamie Oliver has a lovely lamb shank recipe using almost the same ingredients. However, Jamie Oliver roasted the lamb shanks while I steamed mine in the pressure cooker.

You actually do not need to follow any particular recipe because these lamb shanks are awfully easy to do. I do not want to make amateur cooks feel tensed with the list of things to buy and season the lamb shank with.

lamb shank

So, all you need are lamb shanks. Lamb shank is the end of the lamb leg and is the cheaper cut. Mine is RM12 per piece. Trim off all the fats from the lamb shanks, season it with whatever you have. I seasoned mine with :

  • garam masala – 2 teaspoons (you can use curry powder.  It is good to give it the spicy flavour)
  • salt and pepper – Dashes will do
  • red wine vinegar (if you have wine, then pour half a cup to soak the lamb shank)
  • honey 
  • Lea & Perrins sauce – 2 teaspoons (this is to give it flavour plus brownish colour)
  • olive oil 
Put the seasoned lamb shank into a plastic bag and keep in the fridge, overnight.  The seasonings will help to tenderise the meat and also give it flavour.  Remember, you do not need to go by the book, just use whatever you have, even tomato ketchup can do.
Just before cooking, sear the lamb shank in a pan.  Sear means you use high heat to make the skin brown while sealing in the juices.  Leave to cool for a while.


Now, this is what Jamie Oliver did.  He stuffed butter with herbs into the lamb shank.  Can you see the above butter peeking out?  I cut a ‘hole’ near the bone and stuff some hardened butter inside.  Just tiny amount won’t kill you.  Jamie said it is to give flavour to the ‘heart of the shank’.
Just before cooking, prepare vegetables to go along with the shanks.  Any hardy vege will do.  I used leek, tomato, potato, carrot, garlic and onion.  Other types of ideal vege would be fennel, celery and mushrooms.


Then, wrap each lamb shank with the vegetables in aluminum foil.  Use two layers as you do not want the bones to poke through and cause the gravy to drip out during cooking.  It is a bit tricky to wrap the lamb shank in foil securely but if you use bigger sheets of foil, it will work fine.
Pour the remaining seasoning into the packets of lamb shank and seal it properly.   Jamie Oliver put the lamb shanks into the oven to roast for 1-2 hours.    However, I am not used to roasting as it takes a long time and also ‘eats up a lot of expensive electricity, no thanks to our foolish government for increasing 70 sen in petrol price at one go’.
So, I put mine into the pressure cooker to steam it.  You can do the same with a steamer.  However, if you are steaming with regular steamer, it may takes up to two hours for the lamb shanks to soften.  

lamb shanks

The end result is packets  of the most flavourful lamb shank with vegetables and meat.  It can be served individually.

lamb shank and tiger prawns

I served mine with some tiger prawns and egg and meslun salad.  I know my plate looks horrible but everyone was waiting to eat so no one has patience for me to place the foods nicely for photography.
I have a lot of other recipes using lamb shanks because I love lamb shank with its jelly tendon and muscled, tender meat.

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  1. aiks… see… how bad it is if u dun know how to cook..miss out so many great food that can be done in our own kitchen…

    hmm… do we need to start learning? hee hee….may be Tau Hua can cook for us….. lolx

  2. May I know the qty for seasoning you listed is for 2 lamb shanks? Also, when you sear it in the pan, no need to use oil. Yes, I am one of the amateur learning how to cook. Thanks.

    And one try, I know you dont link others to your site, but if you good mood today, can link me to help me get started on blogging .. need extra cash ler … thanks.

  3. Hi, this is a great recipe and I would really love to try it out. Just wanted to find out how do you steam in the pressure cooker. Do you just put the packs into water and close it to cook or do you use a rack to keep the packs away from water?

  4. Priya – My pressure cooker has a rack and I just put some water at the bottom and drop the two packets of shanks on top.

    FF – I don’t advocate giving exact measures for salt and pepper and other stuffs like that. Cooking is by instinct.

    pablo – The fats will reek oil so I normally cut off what I can see. But there are still plenty of tendons to give it the moistness.

    PTP – Learn lah. You got watch the AFC, The Bachelors cook? Very ‘man’ to cook nowadays. Hot chicks now want men who can cook, world has turned already.

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