What do you do with the edges of the bread?


When I am in the mood for sandwiches, I would buy a 24-slices loaf of bread and cut off every sides of the bread. I cannot stand sandwiches with the brown edges still intact. It is not sandwiches to me.

Normally, if we have a potluck, some parents will bring a whole tub of uncut bread and the kids normally eat that last. But if there are parents who bring nicely cut sandwiches, the kids will walloped them.

I like my sandwiches all pretty and clean. Circumcised. LOL. No brown skin left.

egg sandwich

And that’s not all when I make sandwiches. I will ask my little boy if he likes his sandwich in triangle shapes like a panty hahahaha or rectangle or tiny squares. Trust me, if you give a kid that choice, he will enjoy his meal much more. Of course, it is not an extra chore as you just need to cut it the way he likes. Making the sandwich smaller means it is easier for tiny hands.

club sandwich

The above is a club sandwich from some restaurant ‘cos I never fill my sandwich with so much fillings.

So, my question is – What do you do with those edges of the bread that you cut off? I usually :

1) Dry them in the sun and make bread crumbs. It is delicious when mixed with minced meat and turned into meat balls. It is also good as coating for deep frying.

2) I make a quick bread and butter pudding by soaking the edges with a mixture of egg and milk, plus sugar and some fruits or raisins. Bake and it tastes really good.

3) Feed the monkeys. It is illegal to feed monkeys over here but we still did it ‘cos the monkeys are smarter than our municipal councillors. They stay out of the gazetted -No feeding monkey area and eat!

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  1. I eat the edges lah, the ends too. When I make sandwiches, I don’t cut them off.My children would eat the edges too.Must jimat,jimat mah!The edges of roti benggali taste the best!

    If I keep the cut edges , I will never get around to use them(like you ,so rajin),then they have to masuk tong sampah.So better they masuk the human tong sampah/stomach.

    Ps: My kids used to like to feed bread edges to the fishes in the lake at the park in Ipoh.Have to buy from the breadman who keeps the edges which he cuts from the bread as requested by some customers.During the Chinese New Year holidays, sometimes the lake would have more bread in it than fishes.

  2. Momo – I don’t cut them on normal days lah. Only when I am in the mood to make sandwiches as the main meal. I also sumbat the edge and all to my kids or else lazy to take out chopping board lah, take out knife lah, cut lah… so mah huan. But sometimes, I gatai want to make the sandwiches looking pretty then I do it lah.

  3. You didn’t show the picture of the food you made up off the bread edge? Btw, what is the name of that food? “bread edge sugar raisins”? Usually I feed my gold fish with the bread edge instead of monkey LOL

  4. If you want pretty sandwiches then you should have bought the bread that doesn’t have the brown edges lah. That’s what I did for my school project last time :p

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