Getting puffy over cream puffs

I have been admiring the cream puffs my son made today. I stare at how beautiful the puffs are, how tasty and how easy to make them. I think if we use fresh cream and real vanilla pods, the thing will be as good as Papa Beard. BTW, Papa Beard is getting too expensive, at RM3.80 per piece.

choux puff

Maybe it is the mother’s pride but really, the cream puffs are really good. I asked my sons who are very discerning cream puffs consumers and they say the cream puff made by kor-kor is good.

Here is the recipe for the Choux Paste, taken from my son’s KDU college. I do not guarantee if it works for you because they do not give the methods, only ingredients.


Slow boil 250 ml water or heat UHT milk of the same amount
with 85 grams butter
add salt to taste
Sieve 160 grams flour and add into the warm water (or milk)

The flour should turned into yellowish dough.

Remove from heat and continue mixing the dough well with a wooden spatula.

Add four eggs and continue beating.

My son is not supposed to use the electric mixer. Anyway, the paste is rather thick so you cannot mix with a regular cake mixer. You need strong muscles to beat the egg and almost cooked flour mixture into a thick paste.

choux paste

When the paste is smooth, put into a piping bag with a large star shape what-you-call-it hehehe. Pipe the paste into stars like the above. We made tiny ones because it is easier to bake the choux paste in smaller sizes.

Bake at 220 deg celcius for about 20 minutes or until slightly brown and cooked inside.

choux pastry

I was so excited about the first batch of the puff because I was skeptical that it will even rise. But rise it did and rise so beautifully too. There is a tiny ‘air hole’ inside each puff. My son make a tiny slit in the shape of X at the bottom.


Then, using another cookie pump, he pumped the cream inside. Ignore the overflowing cream in the photo. It is supposed to go into the puffs, leaving no trace of cream outside. The cream we used is the Lactofil which he bought yesterday. He whipped the cream till firm. I grated some lemon zest, added a bit of lemon juice and icing sugar to the non-dairy whipping cream and it tastes lovely.

cream puff

We made about 40 tiny puffs. Sorry I have no idea how much cream to prepare as we have some leftover of the whipping cream. We plan to make custard puffs and will try to make that another day. Meanwhile, I wish I have a bigger oven instead of baking 10 puffs at each batch.

Now only I know how easy it is to make the casings for the cream puffs. All of them turned out so puffy and lovely. With butter and eggs, the puff tastes delicious too, unlike those sold which is sometimes too dry and has no flavours.

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  1. Look very nice. Like those at the cake shop/bakery. I always wanted to be a chef too. But that is another story lah.

  2. Yummy…these are heavenly! Can I order some please? Thanks for posting. Before today, I’ve never seen “before” photos of cream puffs!

    Wow…you’re imparting your culinary skills onto your son eh? Good for both of you! Maybe you can open a “Mother and Son” shop next time. I’m sure you’ll be overbooked each time 🙂

  3. wow!! i loveee cream puff!! noneed to buy papabeard liao!!
    hope he learns how to make pretzels (like auntie annes!) yummyyy!!!my favorite but darn expensive!

  4. Before this I thought the cream was wrapped inside the paste and bake together like curry puffs. Now only I know it’s “pumped from behind”…..hehehe
    Can consider bake to order oh?

  5. I absolutely love cream puffs but I never dare to venture into making them. Now I feel a bit tercabar to make them and make them I will …….

  6. aiyo… so easy nia hio?…… hee hee…

    but still dun know how to make it.. may be lazy kua…

    my wife love to have cream puff… I think it is time to learn how to make it.. always buy… bor looi liao.. hee hee

  7. i just love cream puff so much…looks like ur puff turn up so puffy..why ahh whenever i bake my puff, its shrink right after i take out from the looks very nice inside the oven but yet guarantee la i get a *kempis cream puff.errkk.

  8. wow these look really good! i’ve never tried to make my own cream puffs before cos i always thought it was very daunting.
    shall try this recipe one day! 🙂

  9. “Meanwhile, I wish I have a bigger oven instead of baking 10 puffs at each batch.”

    I’ve been meaning to say this: apa tunggu lagi, now that you have two chefs in the house!

    Thanks for sharing, I’m tempted but think it’s too challenging plus don’t think I have the muscle.

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