Our first attempt at making sponge cake and frosting

My son had learned baking a sponge cake and decorated it at his college. He is a first year professional chef student at KDU. He brought home two slices for us to try. Yesterday, we attempted to bake one at home.


To bake an 8″ sponge cake, one actually use very little ingredients compared to butter cake. Here are the ingredients used :

80 grams flour
20 grams cornflour
100 grams sugar
4 eggs
40 grams butter – melted
vanilla essence

Method :
Line an 8″ cake tin. Heat oven to 200 deg celcius. – IMPORTANT : This must be ready because once you prepared the cake mixture, it must go into the oven immediately before it loses it’s ‘airiness’.

Beat egg with sugar till peaked. Add melted butter and vanilla. Use a wooden spatula and fold in flour gently. Pour into cake tin and bake for 25-30 minutes.

I am not sure why but there is no indication of using any self-raising flour and yet, the cake rise beautifully.


We got a nice sponge cake but the texture is rather coarse. However, it is not dry like those sold by the bakeries. It smells delicious eventhough we forgot the vanilla essence.


My son easily slice the cake into three layers. Given to me, I think I will killed and messed up the whole cake.


For the frosting, my son told me he used some premix at college. However, he couldn’t find the same thing and he bought Lactofil which is a UHT non-dairy whipping cream. He got it from Sin Company. A litre costs RM12.60 and we used only half a box. The rest is kept frozen.

The whipping cream is liquid but when beaten, it turned hard. We overbeat the first batch and it was too hard and dry. The box instruction says beat for 3-5 minutes only. My younger children were so amused with the ‘turning water into icing’ so they had a fun time taking turns to whip the cream.


Neither my eldest son nor I are good with our hands. So, we called my second son to do the decoration. My eldest son only has a piping bag with two HUGE what-you-call-that-thing mould so the piping was horrendous. Hahaha, it doesn’t matter because the taste of the cake is good.

The frosting is not oily like the butter/icing sugar type of sugar. However, I do taste a tinge of ‘fakeness’ in the non-dairy whipping cream. Maybe when we are more skilled, we can try with real whipping cream. Meantime, it was fun playing with icing. I wish we have some coloured rice or chocolate chips to make the decoration but we have none at home.

I have just opened a new category on this blog call ‘Kitchen experiments’ and will share what my son learnt in college. Today, we are making choux pastry i.e. cream puffs.

Please note that these Kitchen experiments are merely experiments so I am not responsible for total disasters should anyone attempt it. Hahaha.

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  1. Well, I was just thinking to find a sponge cake recipe, and you just posted it! 🙂
    The eggs when beaten well, is raising agent, so no need baking powder can rise. I think the critical part is the folding in flour. I was told if technique not right, the ‘bubbles’ created in the step 1 will be ‘leaked’ and not able to rise. I can never get this step right. So all my cakes are flat. Hahaha!

  2. hmm.. a lot of hands on…. it is good to have mum and kids to work on something together…..

    hmm.. I think it is time for me(Huat Koay) to go back and stick with my mum to get more secret recipe) hee hee

  3. looking forward to reading more kitchen experiments!

    frosting really needs a lot of practice and patience! every time i bake some cupcakes all i wanna do is just slap on the frosting and eat instead of piping it nicely! lol

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