Big Apple Donuts & Coffee – Penang Gurney Plaza

Big Apple Donuts came to Penang, Gurney Plaza several weeks ago. However, both times when I went, there is no queue! Hmmm……how come the Big Apple Donut in Bandar Perda seems to be doing better?

The first trip was a Sunday tea-time and we only have about 4-5 people ahead of us. This evening, being a Wednesday, there is not queue at all.

Big Apple Donut

The flavours I get today is Wit Nut which is a white chocolate and peanut butter fillings, Alien which is chocolate with chocolate shavings and Mango Tango.

big apple donuts

A box of 6 goes for RM11.50 and one piece is RM2.20. If you order a cup of coffee or tea, you get a free, plain donut.

I won’t praise how delicious it is because after the novelty wears off, it is just ermmm….donuts?

5 Replies to “Big Apple Donuts & Coffee – Penang Gurney Plaza”

  1. No queue? Probably it’s cause Penang Island people are kiam siap. Stingy. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you. I think it’s a very under-rated virtue in this day and age. However, some of them do take it to the extreme…

    The donuts looks pretty good and not too expensive, though. But definitely not good for my waistline. Sigh…

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