Zanussi or Ariston electric oven – Cannot decide

For the longest time, I have been hankering for a bigger oven because each time I bake with my oven, I can only manage 9 cupcakes at the most. It is very frustrating when I am baking cookies because I need to sit there almost half a day if I am baking a batch of cookies. I will need to bake like 6-7 rounds of cookies. Can you imagine the amount of electricity I use?

I don’t know why I can spend thousands of Ringgit on cameras and computers but parting with a couple of thousand Ringgit for an oven seems such a hard decision for me. It is kind of silly, isn’t it?

Right now, I am using a Moulinex microwave cum convection and grill oven. It is big enough for a very small turkey but cannot accomodate the regular size of a 5kg turkey. I think this oven must be over 10 years but it is still working very well.

Now that my eldest son is going to use the oven for his lessons, I finally decide to shop for one. We have been hunting for a 55 liter and above capacity oven. We found some really nice Ariston electric ovens but unfortunately, the unit is a built in one. Meaning, we have to build a cabinet around it. The Ariston model is very impressive but costs around RM2.5K to RM3.8K. Some models go for as high as RM10K!

Meanwhile, Zanussi has cheaper models which are standalone electric oven around RM1.2K. I think I will stick to this cheaper models first. However, I had been sweet talked by Ariston’s salesman about how great Ariston ovens are.

Hmmm…I cannot decide already. There is also a DeLonghi model that I like. I checked with Amazon but it seems that in US, they have their own brands like Maytag, Electrolux and etc. Ariston is an Italian brand and I couldn’t find it on Amazon.

So, there will be more window shopping for a bigger oven over the weekend. After I have seen Ros mentioned about her baking adventure making London almond cookies, I just cannot stand the thought of not having a big oven. Hahaha, it is not envy, ok?

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  1. I do not know about the other brands but my mother had purchased Zanussi and Ariston before. Zanussi was spoiled within 3 years and was replaced by Ariston. The oven is still in perfect condition after 10 over years. Maybe you could check with other dealers on getting a Ariston standalone one. They should have it in the market. Have you tried Ban Hin Bee along Anson Road? They have been quite efficient in consultation for household items.

  2. My Elba is 25 years old and very much used.

    Mine came with 4 gas burners on top but I have stopped using them a few years ago because not powerful enough already.

    But the electric oven is still working fine!

  3. I am currently shopping for a standalone oven too. Currently I have an all in one microwave convention which does a poor job at baking hehe … the heat is so uneven. Let me know your verdict when you get your oven can? ;D keke

  4. hi lilian,

    i have a europa oven (bought for about RM1100) which has served me really well over 4 years. it doesn’t look fancy, but bakes me nice cakes, cookies and roast chicken.

    it can fit two shelves of cakes/ cookies.

    you may want to check out this brand also.


  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been hunting for the oven over the weekend. Now, I think we will buy a built in unit ‘cos we can push the oven into our current kitchen cabinet. None of the promoters told us it is that easy to ‘built in’until finally one showed it to us.

    So, we are looking at Ariston, Electrolux, Rubine, Elba and etc. Hope to get one soon so I can bake cookies in one batch. 🙂

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