Alert! Baby biscuit, peanut butter, prawn cracker and even lollipop are tested for melamine

Edited : Tks to Shadowfox, I noticed I had made a blunder. The 13 products are tested but found to be safe except for the potato crackers.

With more and more foods being found tainted with melamine, I think we are better off not eating anything.

I just picked up from The Star that more foods are tested for melamine. These include some of the foods I have at home like peanut butter and prawn crackers.

KUALA LUMPUR: Thirteen more food products have been cleared of melamine by the Health Ministry, said its Food Safety and Quality Division director, Nooraini Mohd Othman.

They are Baby Bites Rice Tusk (Take One), Chunky Peanut Butter (Skippy), Cream Filled Golden Bar Biscuits (Ego), Creamy Peanut Butter (Daisy), Lollipop with Whistle (Golden Pop) and Marsh Mellow Dairy Milk Flavour Candy (Ego).

The others are Milk Candy (Mr Bunny), Peanut Butter & Chocolate Milk Stripes (Lady’s Choice), Prawn Crackers (Jumbo), Shim Ramyum Noodles (Nong Shim), Potato Cracker (Wasabi) (Silang), Health Daily Biscuit (Silang) and Cocoa Cookie (KTQ).

Nooraini, however, said another product, Potato Cracker (Silang) was found to contain melamine at a level above the standard.

“The ministry has identified the manufacturer. The Health Department has been ordered to destroy the product while the manufacturer has been told to withdraw the product from the market,” she said.

Consumers could contact the Food Safety and Quality Division at 0388833655, 0388833503, 0388833652 and 0388833500 or surf for information. – Bernama

Now, I wonder if the Nong Shim which I thought is Korean is safe to eat? The noodles are tainted. I bought the prawn crackers. Hmmm…

Scary, isn’t it? Even baby bites and milk candy which are for children can be tainted with melamine.

And you should stay away from frozen green beans from China too due to pesticides.

Merujuk kepada berita yang tersiar dalam akhbar antarabangsa The
Japan Times pada 16 Oktober 2008 bertajuk “Tainted Beans from
China Sicken Three” dan akhbar tempatan Berita Harian pada 17
Oktober 2008 bertajuk “Kacang Hijau China Pula Dicemari Racun
Perosak” yang melaporkan kacang hijau beku (frozen green beans)
yang diimport dari Negara China telah dikesan mengandungi residu
racun perosak dichlorvos melebihi tahap beribu kali lebih tinggi
daripada paras yang dibenarkan di negara tersebut. KKM sedang
mendapat maklumat lanjut dari Pihak Berkuasa Jepun, sementara itu
pemantauan dijalankan terhadap produk makanan sekiranya terdapat
di pasaran.

Sigh..I wish our ministry will hire better webmasters and writer. Can you freaking believe that the above para is only made up of two sentences? I need to read three times to understand.

You can find our very colourful food safety website here.

The photos of the products of the tainted biscuits and food items can be found here.

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  1. criz – With a name like silang, ciak liao pun pien si lang. Hahaha.

    shadowfox – Wuah, tks for pointing out. I was so pissed with the ISA news and terus read wrongly. I amended already.

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