I *heart* coconut tart

At last I found a coconut tart that I like. I had been searching for coconut tart but none of the traditional biscuit shop make the type of tart I was looking for. I want some light and crispy pastry outside and moist desiccated coconut inside.


The coconut tart and other oriental biscuits are sold by Malay staffs so I believe the biscuits are suitable for Muslims. The stall is located at the basement of Queensbay Mall in Jusco. It is just a small stall and the name is I (heart) biscuit. Usually, the real traditional Chinese biscuits are made with lard but now, they have catered for all, minus the lard.


The coconut tart is not like the traditional Chinese egg tart style. Instead it is a pastry ball of puff pastry with a ball of desiccated coconut and winter melon seeds (kuaci). The filling is not too sweet and there are no funny essence smell in them.


Beside this coconut tart, they also sell ‘sat khek ma’, ‘or nie tart’ and even chicken char siew ‘siew pau’.

The coconut tart sells for RM1.80. I bought two and immediately ate one while it is hot. If you are not afraid of oily pastry and fattening biscuits, do check out the biscuits from this stall. I prefer this to Beard Papa anytime.

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