Kitchen experiment : Recipe for custard puff

After the successful attempt of making cream puff, my son made custard puff using the same recipe. The recipe for the choux pastry is over here.

For the recipe pastry cream for cream puffs , he used :

Part A
UHT Milk – 400 ml
Castor sugar – 100 g
Vanilla essence – to taste

Boil the above.

Then, add UHT – 100 ml
Soft flour – 50 g or more if the batter is too runny
custard powder – 15 -25 g
Eggs – 2 nos.

Whisk the above until it becomes a nice, thick cream which is not runny and yet, not glob-by. If you know what I mean? Those custard puffs fillings sold by bakeries are sometime like a piece of yellow dough.

custard puff

I was napping because I had a terrible headache yesterday. So, I didn’t see how he did the pastry cream. However, I did ask him if the egg can be raw as it is not cooked. He said the heat from the boiling milk in part A which heat up the flour is enough to cook the eggs. The custard powder will turn a nice yellow. Meanwhile, if you wonder what is soft flour, it is a type of flour meant for baking light cakes like chiffon, sponge and even cream puffs. My son bought it from a baking specialist shop.

The cream is smooth enough to be pumped into the choux pastry. If you are not serving the puff yet, do not pump them in. It is very easy to pump the cream. Just slit a tiny hole at the bottom of the choux pastry and pump the cream inside.

custard puff

I didn’t manage to take a photo of how oozy and nice the custard cream looked yesterday. Today, we have a few leftovers of the custard puffs and I managed to take a shot. The puff pastry is still soft and moist while the cream retains its creaminess. Of course, we stored the balanced cream and pastry in the fridge as there are milk and egg so it spoils easily.


The verdict from the little brother who loves cream puffs is considered ‘passing mark’ for my eldest son. The little kid kept complimenting his eldest brother, “HMMMMM…..cream puff ho liao lor. When Jeff kor-kor want to make again?” So, we asked him to pose for a photo to show how good the custard puff is.

Yesterday, before I went to nap, I suggested adding ovalette to the choux pastry. The shop lady told us ovalette will ensure the choux pastry to be fluffy. So, I put a dab of the ovalete and guess what? The whole batter which is supposed to be firm became watery! So, we had to discard the whole batter. I tried baking a batch using cupcake mould but the texture is too weird so we threw the whole batch away. Moral of the story, stick to the recipe given. The recipe for choux pastry for the cream puff given in the earlier post is really good.

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    (October 21, 2008 - 12:57 am)

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    (October 21, 2008 - 8:18 am)

    gosh… make me feel so hungry at the early morning….

    btw… your new theme is very nice….I love it


    (October 21, 2008 - 11:54 am)

    wah i must really try my hand at making the choux pastry liao…
    i love the cream puffs at continental bakery but at 90cents each…i should start making me own.

    Big Boys Oven

    (October 21, 2008 - 12:29 pm)

    wow your puffs look awesome, your tester looks drown into his puff, sure a hit!

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