Happy Deepavali

It is wonderful to live in Malaysia. We get to celebrate so many festivals with our fellow Malaysians and enjoy all kinds of foods.

Today is Deepavali or Diwali or Divali (depending on which country spells it) or the Festival of Light. It is a celebration by the Hindus to signify light conquered darkness, good wins evil.


My neighbour gave me lots of Indian snacks and goodies. The best is the murukku. Her murukku is so tasty and nothing like my first attempt at making murukku. The other one is the bee hive crunchy snack. The bee hive shaped snack is made by dipping the mould into a batter made of coconut milk, rice flour and sugar and then, deep fried.

cookies for deepavali

There are other traditional Indian cookies and also modern ones. The roundish ball is made of green pea flour and I can say it is traditional Indian sweets as it has very strong fragrance of cardamons. My neighbour is indeed very hardworking. Can you count the number of cookies she baked? I am sure those are homemade as they are all tasty.


There is also a wajik or glutinous rice cooked in sugar syrup. It is the kind of traditional festival sweets. My mom used to make wajik for Chinese New Year when I was small. Malays make wajik for Hari Raya. Indians (who are of the Hindu faith) make wajik too. So, does this mean wajik is Malaysia’s national muhibbah festival sweet? I am not a fan of wajik ‘cos those harderned rice grains will give me indigestion if taken too much. But if the wajik has lots of coconut milk and gula melaka, then, it is nice to eat a bit. My neighbour’s version is made of rose syrup.

hot dog buns

I made some sausage buns today using the premix flour from Cooking Island. Don’t ask me how to make ‘cos the instruction is all on the package. Just mix, leave to rise, form a long strand of dough, roll it around the boiled sausage and bake. Easy, right?

Happy Deepavali again!

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  1. I think the national muhibbah festival sweet is pineapple jam tarts and the ‘beehive shaped snack’. Malays call it kuih rose. My mom makes this every CNY, we call it kuih bunga.
    A must during CNY at our home is my mother’s homemade kuih bunga, murukku, pineapple tarts (with homemade jam), egg-shell jelly (the type you have to jemur in the sun).

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