I got my Electrolux electric oven!

After shopping for weeks and weeks, we finally settled for an Electrolux built-in electric oven. Initially our budge was only RM1K+ but we decided to get a better model because it is like a tool to help our son with his professional chef course. If you study other courses, you need to buy a laptop. But if you study professional chef, you need lots of hands on cooking at home. So, it is a worth buy, eh? Investment. Hahaha.

Harvey Norman has the right sales staff to explain all the functions to us. This lady, Madam Kwan knows her stuffs well so she managed to convince us to get Electrolux. It is a fully imported model from Germany. Few days earlier, Erina from Cooking Island told us that some ovens calibration is a little bit ‘out’ and the temperature set may not be the real temperature during baking.

So, since Electrolux is from Germany and German precision is well known, we decided to get Electrolux over Ariston. Moreover, Ariston’s model seem more expensive too.

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We got the 56-liter oven with seven functions which include grill, convection, defrosting, steaming, fan assisted cooking and etc. The price is about RM2.7 K which is inclusive of three years warranty by Electrolux.

With our UOB card payment, we get a free Phillips toaster and 5x uniringgit (which is about RM200-RM300 value). So, it is a good deal.

Now, I shall wait till Wednesday for the delivery. After that, I can bake a whole batch of cookies, bread, cupcakes, tarts, pies, two chicken, etc etc at one go. No need to sit by my oven and bake 4-5 batches. Whoopee!

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  1. Good investment! If you were my parents’ neighbour, my mum would probably be exchanging pastries, cakes and cookies with you. We’ve 2 big ovens like these at home. Handy for our home bakery.

  2. Would you care to recommend me other brands that you have surveyed so far and worth considering cos Im on a lookout for an oven too but Rm2.7k a bit too expensive cos now I “L” license in baking only wor.

  3. I have been surveyed most of the kitchen home appliances, too many recommendations, hard to decide which to get! For oven, Fagor, Electrolux, Teka, Ariston, Elba, Rinnai…..etc.

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