Preview of the egg tarts and swiss rolls made with electrolux oven

A new oven is a tricky mean machine to deal with. The knobs and buttons are still foreign to me. Actually, I have not really touch the oven. I let my hubby and son did that because I am not used to such a big tray. They have bought oven mitts which was never an item in my kitchen. However, the big oven is really hot and one needs oven mitts to hold those trays. Hehehe, at the rate we are going, I can just kick back and wait to be served.


My eldest son baked egg tarts at night. My two younger sons were so thrilled with helping him with the blind baking. The two younger boys were all over the place, helping the eldest brother to oil the aluminum egg tart mould, sprinkle flour on it, place the cupcake paper over and put in the red beans.

blind baking

In case you are not sure what is blind baking, it means putting beans or rice grains into the crust of a tart so that the shape retains while baking. When the crust is baked, then, we only add the fillings, i.e. the custard.

swiss roll

The lazy me is too lazy to bother about the instruction manual. So, I just do some trial and run with the knobs. My son also bake swiss rolls earlier. Swiss roll is tricky to bake because one needs to get the layer baked just right, i.e. just cooked but not hardened. Since the oven is new, we set it to the fan assisted baking and LOL, the fan blew the layer into waves.

swiss roll

So, the swiss roll did not entirely look roundish as we have probably over baked the thing. It was rather hard when my son attempted to roll it.

Never mind, his youngest brother now thinks he is the best brother in the world because he said, “Mommy, Jeff kor-kor is soooo clever hor? He makes nice nice egg tart and yummy cake (swiss roll) for me.”

I do not have the recipe with me now as they are taken from KDU print out and those do not have the methods, only ingredients. Since I did not entirely have my hands on in baking them, I cannot rattle off the recipe now. But when I get the chance, I will re-write them.

Next projects – quiche, pizza, cookies, buns, bread….

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2 thoughts on “Preview of the egg tarts and swiss rolls made with electrolux oven


    (October 31, 2008 - 4:50 am)

    Looks like the oven is being put to good use within its first few days. Yeah, making Swiss Rolls is tricky, but I’m sure with practice, your son will nail it one day.


    (November 8, 2008 - 9:49 am)

    how much is this oven? it looks built in.

    now you can bake more… hehe

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