Someone point me to some good sites for cake frosting or cake icing please

My son and his KDU college mates are busy baking sponge cake and decorating them. They are first year students and going to have their exam soon. So, I snitched one small cake to try decorating it with whipped cream and give to my little boy. My eldest son uses either Baker Mix from Anchor or Lactofil whipping cream which is rather easy to whisk as they are non-diary based.

However, I thought I could achieve the same firm frosting with whipping cream, which is 35% full fat milk. My son warned me that if I over beat them, the whipping will turn into butter and milk. So, I dare not beat too much and ended up with too watery cream. Then, I pop the bowl into the freezer but it soon melted again. Doh.


However, the cream is awfully delicious and sinfully rich. I prefer it over the Lactofil as there is not ‘chemical’ smell or taste to it.


The cake looks decent in photo but is actually a mess with dripping cream.

What I found online is to use a metal bowl which is very cold. Whip the cream and icing sugar (but I had used castor instead).


Does anyone have a favourite cake decorating site? I want to learn all those cutey cupcakes frosting. I heard there are various types like sugar frosting, butter cream and etc. In our hot weather, I guess some of them are not possible to achieve, right?

Do you have a cupcake or cream cake blogpost to share? Please, please, please, I am so eager to play around with all those colourful sprinkles.

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  1. yeah, the first time i tried to whip the cream, i was too lazy and used the machine instead and i ended up with butter and water!!

    off topic aside…i wonder if our dairy products contain melamine too?? whipping cream, butter, cheese, all these are things that kids eat a lot…haih, susah betul.

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