Of roti canai, batik, waterfall, fruit juices and Botanical Gardens

penang botanical gardens waterfall

Due to the current rainy season, the Penang Waterfall Garden or Botanical Garden really lives up to its name of having a waterfall. Usually, during the dry season, the river dried up and you may wonder why it is call Waterfall Garden when you cannot find waterfall.


The water is clean (or at least it looks sparkling clean) so my hubby takes the two younger kids there for a quick dip in the evenings.


So, after the dip, we sometimes dropped by the Craft Batik factory for fresh fruit juice and roti canai.


Craft Batik has a section where you can see the skilled batik painters turn plain, white clothes into these Malaysian beauties. I am fascinated with their skills. Craft Batik is located before the main entrance of Botanical Garden.

roti canai

There is an old Malay man selling roti canai outside the factory. The price is a bit more expensive than other stalls but we like his roti canai. I love the fish curry that comes with the roti canai.


I found a fruit stall just outside the Botanical Garden selling this nuts. Or is it beans? In Hokkien, we call it ‘ang moh tor tau’ or ‘mat salleh nuts’. Not sure what’s the name of it but it is not often found nowadays. Long time ago, there were lots of stalls selling the kacang kuda and this beans but lately, this type of ang mor tor tau is rare.


The roti canai man also sells this karipap. He put the karipap on his roti canai pan to heat it up and it is delicious. Crispy on the outside and the hot curry potato inside plus the sourish, pickled onions.

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  1. This type of karipap always reminds me of the City Stadium. There was a man there who used to sell this type and would shout ” Karipap,pap,pap”loudly. He carried the karipaps in a rattan basket. Ahhh… it was many, many years ago.

    I can still smell the sourish onions.Last time the whole thing was wrapped in newspaper and it was very tasty and crispy.

  2. Momo – Die, i forget to reply to you. Yes, my son has lots of colours of the reflector. What colour your daughter want? I bring to you on 15 Nov. He sells for RM5 per piece. But if they buy in bulk (for school dances etc), then, kasi discount lah.

    The old man died already but there are a few people selling. One of his daughter (I think) sells at the Race Course on weekends for the tahi kuda.

    Terence – Tenkiu.

  3. Lilian, I won’t be there on the 15th. becos I go berholiday liao!So I gonna miss this vigil lah.Will be back on 19th.Hope got more vigils later.

    We will need about 10 reflectors. Will let you know the colors required once we firm up about how to get it from you.

    PS: Notice that I am a night bird too! Hahaha!

  4. Yes I remember the karipap guy at the city stadium. U can see him at SXI after school (afternoon session for SXI primary). I did mentioned to some KL’ites about having karipap with pickled onions. And they gave that “Are u serious?” look.

    Can I put the karipap’ pict at my blog?

  5. That large karipap brings back old memories when my uncle used to bring me over to the beaches in Tanjung Bungah & Batu Ferringhi, 15 years ago.

    This lady would be carrying two baskets on a pole over her shoulder and she would have these great curry puffs an other assorted kuihs.

    Nothing like sitting on the soft sand under a tree on a nice sunny afternoon munching on these.

    Of course back then the beaches there were so much more cleaner too.

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