Christmas is almost here

The malls are decked with Christmas baubles, Christmas wreaths and Christmassy stuffs. Gurney Plaza has a huge tree at the front entrance. I guess all the shopping malls are hoping to get us to spend eventhough there is the evil recession cloud hanging around us.

candy cane

Still, what can be more cheerful than colourful candy canes? Candy canes for Christmas is like mandarin oranges for Chinese New Year. It is the most symbolic food items for my children. When they see candy canes at the store, they will light up and go, “WOW! IT IS CHRISTMAS ALREADY!”

candy cane

I think I better start checking the regular frozen food supplier if the turkeys have landed. I hope to roast two turkeys this year. That is if the price is not too exhorbitant. I am buying a dumb bird call the turkey and not some golden goose, you know?

P/S : My Nikon P4 point and shoot camera is wrecked. Now, I am without a convenient P&S camera for that quick, close-up photo of foods. Am looking for one below RM1K. Any recommendation? My regular camera shop let me compared a Canon and Fuji Finepix. Canon failed to measure up. The Fuji S60 with super CCD is great.

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  1. Christmas coming oredi??? Panic,panik!!!!!!

    Hahaha, I usually invite myself to somebody’s house and eat lah the turkey. You got open house or not?

    I always wonder about the candy canes and the big big lolipops. Do people really finish eating them? I think will die from the coloring and go hyper from the sugar.

    So who eats those candy canes?My teeth pain oredi thinking about it!!

  2. Hi Lilian, I am currently using Fuji Finepix F40 which is a compact camera and the quality is good. It’s easier to carry around compared to SLR. Bought it about 6 months ago for only RM600. It’s worth the price 🙂

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