Built in electric oven may not actually need built in after all

The other day when I was shopping for an oven, I had the misconception that I need to hire a carpenter to set up the electric built in oven. The shop promoters are all clueless and some recommended I hire an interior decorator to do it if I want to buy the electric built in oven.


It was until I met a nice aunty at Harvey Norman who sells Electrolux electric oven who told us that one just push the unit into kitchen cabinet. Initially, my hubby and I thought we need carpenters to screw, nail and built a special cabinet for it.

So, hubby took the measurement of the oven, read the specifications and instructions on the amount of space and ventilation holes needed and went home to measure our own kitchen cabinet.

electrolux electric oven

He pulled out the horizontal shelves, pushed in the built in electric oven, making sure that there are sufficient ‘breathing space’ as required by the oven manufacturer and we have our own built in electric oven minus the building works.

Most homes have rows of kitchen cabinets that goes down to the floor level so they can easily be converted to fit a built in oven. Just make sure you knows how much space you need to have between the oven wall and the kitchen cabinet wall. Also, see that your electric power supply are wired correctly and safely.

One other tip to note when buying electric ovens with temperature that can go up as high as 250 deg celcius is to check out the safety features. See that the outer glass door has special insulation so that it is never burning hot and the glass is made of tempered glass. Tempered means the glass won’t break into thousand pieces of sharp glasses in case of accident or over heating. It is like our car windshield where it just cracked but remains in a piece.

It is nice and saves money to marry a DIY man, eh?

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