“All biscuits in Malaysia free of Melamine” – Health Min. said on Malaysiakini

According to the news on Malaysiakini, all the biscuits in Malaysia and those for export are free of melamine contamination.

Kesemua biskut yang dijual dalam pasaran tempatan dan dieksport oleh Malaysia bebas daripada pencemaran melamine, kata Menteri Kesihatan Datuk Liow Tiong Lai.

chocolate chip cookies

A batch of chocolate chip cookies my son baked. It is fun baking cookies at home because nothing beats hot, buttery cookies freshly out of the oven.

Back to the news,

Liow turut berpuas hati dengan pengeluaran biskut di kilang biskut Julie’s yang mematuhi tahap keselamatan makanan yang tinggi dalam usaha syarikat memastikan pengeluaran biskut yang berkualiti dan selamat dimakan.

The Health Minister is satisfied with the production of biscuits from Julies. Well….the contamination comes from :

“Kerajaan telah melarang pengimportan ammonium bikarbonat dari tiga buah kilang di China itu,” katanya.

Ammonium bicarbonate is those whitish powder that we use for some of the local cakes/snacks like yau char kwai, ham chi peng and other types of biscuits. I just wonder….how sure are we that there is no addition of melamine or whatever harmful chemicals in future production? How do we know if some of the importers are hiding a few batches to be sold later?

For example, I thought boric acid or peng sar in Cantonese has been banned. However, I just found out that we can still buy those whitish powders from Chinese medicine shop and use them in boiling ham yuk chung or meat dumpling. To tell the truth, I never have much trust in our Malaysian standard of food safety.

Then, there was the steroid/antibiotic/whatever harmful substances found in chicken. Two women were in the cancer hospital chatting with me. One of them is a chicken seller in Tanjung Bungah. She told me the authority (not sure which department) is very strict and they constantly come by to bring back samples of chicken to test for harmful chemicals. If the chicken is found with drugs, the supplier and the seller will get into big trouble. The other woman is from Kedah and she said, “Chey…in Kedah? They just stuffed some money and there are no checks. That’s why I dare not cook chicken for my husband (a cancer patient). Chicken very, very ‘tok’ (poisonous)”

chocolate chip cookies

Moral of the story? Eat sparingly ‘cos we never know when some greedy, money crazed food manufacturers will add some poison into our foods just to make fast bucks.

You can read the news on melamine biscuits on Malaysiakini BM version here.

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