KANNICHIKAN, Penang : Yakiniku Japanese BBQ restaurant with Wagyu Beef

*non-halal restaurant but no pork shown on this post 🙂 *
The restaurant name sounds a bit vulgar in Hokkien, don’t you think so? When I phone for reservation, I was greeted with Good evening, KNK restaurant. Phew…Lucky I never have to say, Hello…kanni chi kan ah? Hahaha. Pardon me for the thoughts. I shall payback by giving the place a mention on Malaysia Best.

ribeye  japanese yakiniku

I read about KNK and its charcoal yakiniku from BadBoyBen‘s blog. His photos got me drooling. We had dinner there last night to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary. I got married at the restaurant below The Revolving 20 years ago and had wanted to return there for dinner for old time sake. But the thought of eating local foods was not so tempting. So, we decided to go to KNK.

(the set of ribeye, short ribs and I forget the name)

I know Japanese beef are awfully expensive because the Japanese massage their cows, let them drink beer and give them piped in music. 200 grams of the best beef wagyu costs RM228. Eheh, I will go bankrupt if I order that for my hungry like wolves teens.

beef wagyu
(the menu with the beef wagyu, the most marbled meat is the most expensive)

But fear not, KNK has cheaper sets at only RM118 for four persons. There are 900 grams of meat and seafoods there. So, we ordered a set plus some extra side dishes. The total bill is only RM258 and we were fed well already.

(charcoal fire stoves on the table and they change the wire netting midway to avoid meat sticking, how nice)

In the set, we get beef tongue, chicken, lamb, short ribs, ribeye, seafoods like large prawns, squids and other stuffs. It is fun to barbeque the meats and then, wrap it in the lettuce and sweetish sauce.


We order extra portion of the ribeyes because it was good. There are several prices for the ribeye, starting from RM20 to RM97 per portion.

(the lamb, squid and prawns platter)
They have sets for lunch and the prices are cheaper. So, if you are looking for a place to have yakiniku, try KNK. It doesn’t have any fancy looking Japanese ambience but the service is good. The staff who served us knows how to recommend and they are all awfully efficient.


KNK is located at the block of shophouses next to Metrojaya. Contact details :
Address: Level 1, Block 125, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang.
Contact No: 604-8998208

6 Replies to “KANNICHIKAN, Penang : Yakiniku Japanese BBQ restaurant with Wagyu Beef”

  1. I like the looks of this place…very traditional way to barbeque the meat. I have tasted pork tongue before but never had the chance to eat beef tongue…how is the taste?

    Will definitely go and makan at this place…thanks for introducing.

  2. h,,, at first I tot u are blogging about the BBQ one at Kristal Point which having the same design on the charcoal stove…..

    hmm seems like another place for BBQ for tuapuisssssssssss

  3. Soooo nice!! Wonder if there’s an equivalent of this restaurant in KL… 🙁

    So far, I’ve experienced lovely BBQ food at Korean Garden @ Ampang, KL.

  4. Wah…. KNK is a place which we drive past often and laugh often. There was even a doubt on its food-whether it is good or bad that diner often quote its in in hokkien at the end of the meal. Thanks to you and your family. We no longer feel doubtful of KNK. Happy 20th Anniversary!!

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