Chinese recipe : Jiu pai tau foo (homemade tofu)

Jiu pai is like a brand name of the restaurant or its signature dish. So, each Chinese eating place has their own jiu pai tau foo or their signature taufoo dish. My sister taught me how to do this taufoo. She just rattled off the estimates and I managed to prepare the jiu pai tau foo successfully. It is really easy if you have a blender. Though it is call homemade, it is not entirely homemade because I used tofu bought from shops to blend them.

homemade tofu

(the tofu after steamed)


Two squares of soft taufoo

Two tubes of Japanese tofu

Two tablespoon of cornflour

Two eggs

A fist full of fish paste. (to get fish paste, get a piece of very fresh mackerel or ikan tenggiri and scrap off the flesh using a Chinese ceramic spoon. You can find the method in my homemade fishball recipe)

Salt and pepper to taste.

Optional (this is to give extra seafood flavour to the tofu. If you prefer a plain one, you can omit them)

Shrimps, chopped or dried squids/prawns fried and pounded

Method :

Dump all the ingredients except the optional chopped shrimps or dried squids into the blender. Blend them till you get a smooth paste.

Oil a large pan or cake tin.

Pour the paste into the cake tin.

Steam over high heat for 20 minutes or until the paste is set and firm.

Remove from fire, cool it down. You can serve the steamed tofu with some soya sauce, sesame oil and chopped spring onion. Or you can deep fry them.

deep fried homemade tofu
(the steamed homemade tofu deep fried)


When the tofu is cool, cut them into cubes. Dust with some flour. Some hawker stalls here use belacan fried chicken powder to give the tofu a pungent belacan flavour.

Deep fry.

You can serve with a bit of chopped spring onions and pounded fried, dried shrimps like this tofu recipe. Or you use the tofu to cook with other dishes. I made hong siew yee tau (stew fish head) and added some of the tofu inside. It was lovely.

Do give the recipe a try. It is very easy to do and you can a lot of jiu pai tofu at very low cost. Best is we can add fresh fish fillets and it provides lots of protein to our little kids’ meal.

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  1. This is a cool recipe. I know a shop here selling these yummy deep fried tofu, served with Thai chili sauce. They did use some blended fried anchovies, chai por and sliced wood ear fungus in them. Quite tasty too. 🙂

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